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    fear of fireworks
    Bad news: fireworks scare Morkie away from home

      Very sad story about a runaway Morkie in Marion County, Florida. Seems the family’s Morkie, “Tuttles” was frightened by July 4th fireworks.  He somehow slipped out the front door and ran away. Now, more than 2 weeks later, Tuttles is still missing and let’s face it, the chances of finding him are very slim. […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    summer care for your morkie
    Can dogs get sunburn?

    **UPDATED POST*** Dogs can definitely get sunburned, especially if their hair is cut short or they have a lot of white hair. If your Morkie’s coat is cut too short, he’s vulnerable and defenceless against insect bites and scrapes and cuts. And, puppies and dogs with a thin or clipped coat are targets for the […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    Removing Ticks!

      The lowly tick is in the spotlight — thanks to growing concern about Lyme disease and a new awareness of all the dangers ticks can bring. These nasty little creatures carry at least 15 common diseases, including Rocky Mountain fever, Lyme disease and others so serious you – or your dog – can die! […]

  • Feeding Your Morkie
    What’s for dinner?

    When you shop for dog food for your Morkie, your head might be spinning when you read labels. I believe the pet food manufacturers – a multi BILLION dollar industry – purposely confuse consumers. Why would they do that? So they can pass off sub-par food (made with the cheapest possible ingredients) as high priced, quality food. […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    morkie having a bath
    Can I use my shampoo on my dog?

      You might be enjoying some time off right now, and think you’ll give your Morkie a bath. Two really important things to remember: you can’t use your shampoo (not even baby shampoo) please – get dog shampoo that’s “Certified Organic” Why the fuss? Simple – a dog’s skin is much thinner than our’s, so […]

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    urban legends about hawks stealing dogs
    Snatched by a hawk

    It’s no urban myth; small dogs and cats are being grabbed by predatory birds.  Although it’s relatively rare, it does happen. Often the  hawk or owl quickly drops the pet, realizing it’s far too heavy to carry. But sometimes, it doesn’t turn out well. The sad truth is: large raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and […]