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What is a Morkie?

A Morkie is the result of breeding a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese dog. Morkies are also bred with one another.

A Morkie’s looks, personality and health come from both breeds, and not always in equal proportions. They come in a wide variety of unique colours, including white, brown and black and combinations of colours. Because they have HAIR not fur, Morkies don’t shed and are great for people with allergies. 

Like their parents, Morkies are anywhere from about 5 pounds to 8 pounds or more. They are between 6″and 10″ high at the shoulder.  The Morkie has a compact body, and a rounded canine head with mid-length muzzle.  

Morkies have big brown or black eyes and a playful, mischievous expression.

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Where to get a Morkie

Are you looking for a Morkie?  Read more about how to find a good Morkie, and tips for avoiding a puppy mill.

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Morkie Pictures

“I’ve seen enough adorable dog pictures,” said no one ever. See plenty on our photo page. Morkies, Yorkies and Maltese. Got a great photo of your pup? Send it to us here

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Want to know more about Morkies?

It can be hard to find good information on Morkies. But here are downloadable e-books you can buy, all about Morkies.

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The Yorkie Maltese Mix, the Morkie, having a sleep
Morkies are the cutest dogs ever
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