Feeding Your Morkie
How much should your Morkie weigh?

is your yorkie a porkieIf your Morkie is a puppy, you might be wondering how much he’ll weigh when he’s full-grown.  Or, if he’s already an adult, you might wonder if your Morkie weighs too much… or too little.

Since your Morkie is half Maltese dog and half Yorkshire Terrier, it make sense that he’ll be some combination of both breeds. And coincidentally, those two breeds are just about the same size.

“Breed standards” (those qualities that professional breeders and kennel clubs work to establish over years and years) say both Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers should be:

  • roughly between 4 and 8 pounds
  • (1.8 k to 3.6 kilograms)

The preference among professional judges and dog handlers, is a dog 5 to 6 pounds, although those closer to 8 pounds are very acceptable.

What judges and dog professionals in general don’t like however, is a dog that is too small.

Teacup or mini-Morkies are not a good idea

Full grown Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese that are less than 4 pounds have lots of problems right from birth.  These include:

    1. More health problems.  They are more sensitive to potential hazards around the house than ‘full size’ dogs of the same breed. A jump from the couch can break a leg and they can have chronic diarrhea.
    2. A super small dog faces high risks if an operation is needed, even common neutering.
    3. Very small dogs are harder to house train. Their bladders are that much smaller and owners say it takes at least 6 months to potty train a teacup.
    4. Teacups normally need a lot of attention and can’t be left alone for a long period of time. They need food more often – at least 3 or 4 meals a day, and can be very high-strung.
    5. Teacups usually have a much shorter lifespan. Most toy dogs have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years but a teacup can live as short a life as just 5 or 6 years.

And the number one concern of very small (teacup) dogs is —


Teacups are prone to Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar shock.

This problem is a temporary one with any toy puppy until it grows to its full size, but with teacups that are under 5 pounds when full-grown — they always at risk of this common yet very serious problem.

Hypoglycemia is caused because the small dog is not able to store enough energy (food) in its tiny digestive system. Any kind of stress can cause a drastic drop in blood sugar levels which can actually be fatal!

 The Morkie who’s more than 8 to 10 pounds

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a larger dog, provided he’s not overweight. How can you tell?

Diagram of dog profile showing ideal weight dog

Diagram of dog profile showing ideal weight dog

  1. Can you feel his ribs easily through a light cover of fat, or are they difficult to feel because of thick fat?
  2. From the side view, is there an abdominal tuck beginning from base of ribs?
  3. Is there thickening at the tail base?
  4. From the overhead view, does she have a marked hourglass shape? (underweight indicator)
  5. Or, from the overhead view, is the back slightly or markedly broadened at the waist? (overweight indicator)
  6. Is your dog slow to rise or move around?
  7. Is she reluctant to exercise, or does she tire easily with activity?
overweight dog profile

Overweight or fat dogs face many health problems.

Besides breed-specific hereditary diseases that are made worse by too much weight, there are common problems that any breed can suffer. These include:

  • Canine diabetes.
  • Digestive problems including constipation, flatulence and diarrhea. Phew, who needs it!
  • Serious damage to joints, bones, and ligaments are a direct result of too much weight being borne by the joints.
  • Heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Difficulty breathing – fat pushes on the abdomen wall and there is less room in the for the lungs to fill properly. Overweight dogs often wheeze, unable to take a full, deep breath.
  • Increased chance of cancer – could be another risk to your Morkie who’s overweight. The exact link between obesity and cancer isn’t known for sure, but why risk it!

A shorter life – just like people, dogs with all the burdens overweight causes, simply don’t live as long.

In conclusion, keep your Morkie fit and at a healthy weight and she’ll be a happy, lively companion for many years.


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  1. Andrew T

    Hi. We’re thinking of adopting a morkie and don’t want a really small teacup weight. The morkie on the website is a rescue but weighs only two pounds at 3 months old. How much will it weigh?

    • Deb at Morkie Nation

      Hi Andrew -thanks for your question. Your Morkie should be a good size – between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 pounds. Not a really small teacup, which as I always say, is a bad idea 🙂 Dogs under 4 lbs have a lot of issues, including lifelong potential for low blood sugar and/or sugar shock. So sounds like this one will be perfect. Good luck! Deb

  2. Barb Roughgarden

    My morkie is 15 weeks old and is about 2.9 lbs… how much do you think he will weight as an adult???

    • Deb at Morkie Nation

      Hi Barb – my estimate is that your Morkie will be 5.0 pounds. Great little size. Big enough to surpass “runt” classification, and small enough to be adorable. But they’re all adorable arent’ they!! Best of luck with your Morkie. Deb

  3. Bri

    How much would a morkie weigh if they are 1 pound at 6 weeks old?

    • Deb at Morkie Nation

      Hi Bri, thanks for the question. One rule of thumb is, take your puppy’s weight at 6 weeks and double it, then double it again for the mature, full grown size…..so in other words your Morkie would be just 4 pounds.
      Best regards,

  4. Leah

    Hi my Morkie is ten years old and I’ve had him since he was two. He’s put on some weight and is now 12 pounds. Family members feed him and won’t stop. His weight at two years old was 7 or 8 pounds. How can I help him lose weight? I’ve started taking him on walks but he’ll stop and I’ll have to carry him home. I’ve limited his time with my family members when they’re eating so hopefully that helps.

    • amadmin!

      Hi Leah,

      Sounds like your little Morkie is very popular with your family, but don’t let them love him “to death.” Explain to them that being overweight will shorten his life, sometimes dramatically. Although he’s only 12 pounds, sounds like that’s about 50% more than he used to be, at 8 pounds. Here are a couple of strategies which should help…

      1. When you’re with your family, give them some healthy snacks to feed your Morkie. Try bits of carrot, low fat cheese and even fruit like a bit of strawberry (remember, no grapes for dogs). You can also try a bit of apple with peanut butter. Most commercial dog treats are not very good quality, but there’s one I really like, called Purebites Pure Liver treat – there’s only one ingredient, beef liver. It’s dried and in cubes, so it’s easy to use. Here’s a link to it on Amazon. http://geni.us/pZ26

      2. When you’re on your own with your Morkie, consider changing to a low calories version the food you’re giving him now, and /or slowly reduce the quantity you feed him. Walking him is great – keep that up and eventually he’ll be able to go longer without giving up, especially as he sheds some of those extra pounds.

      Good luck with your Morkie Leah, and thanks for writing!
      [email protected] nation

  5. Beth Trissel

    Hello. My Morkie pup, Cooper, is 4.6 pounds at 13 weeks. I was told by the breeder that he would grow between 6-9 pounds. What are your thoughts?

    • amadmin!

      Hi Beth and Cooper!
      I think that’s bang on… I’d put him at the lower end of that range, probably 6 or 7 pounds max.

  6. Nikki

    My morkie is 3.5lbs at 12 wks now m, about how big would you estimate her to be.

    • amadmin!

      Hi Nikki – It looks like, from all the charts, that your Morkie will be between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds. Great size – small, but still healthy and sturdy. Very adorable!

    • Melissa Torres

      My morkie is 3.9 pounds and she’s 6 1/2 months what do you think she will weight at her full grown

      • amadmin!

        Hi Nikki,

        Your Morkie is just about at her adult weight right now… my guess is that she will not be over 4 1/2 pounds, even a little less.
        Best regards,

  7. patty

    why do morkie’s lick so much ?

    • amadmin!

      Hi Patty,

      Dogs lick for a bunch of reasons… if you’re talking about why does your Morkie lick YOU so much, it could be a simple sign of affection. Yorkshire Terriers are known as big ‘kissers.’ It can also be a sign of submission to you. I wrote more about this a couple of years ago, on this blog post here. One reason they lick us a lot, we taste good (?!0

      Dogs licking THEMSELVES is another matter. Sometimes dogs will lick their paws a lot because of food or airborne allergies. It seems to calm them and reduce the upset the allergy is causing. However, if your Morkie’s paws are getting irritated, it’s time to put a stop to this with something you can put on his paws that tastes horrible but doesn’t harm him. Some things you can try are apple cider vinegar; Grannicks makes a good product called Bitter Apple Spray, also available as a dab-on. Here it is on Amazon.

      Sometimes that licking can get very obsessive; non stop for a long time, or your dog will keep going back to it after you try to discourage him. You could try an organic liquid that reduces anxiety, like SynergyLabs Richard’s Organic Pet Calm. But you may have to talk to your vet if your dog is especially obsessive, since this can indicate something else more serious at the root of the behaviour.

      As with a lot of weird things dogs do, you can often reduce or even eliminate the behaviours with extra exercise. A good half hour walk on a leash every day really does wonders. Remember that old saying, “A tired dog is a good dog.”

      Good luck with this Patty!
      [email protected]

  8. Savannah

    Hi my morkie is 12 weeks old weighs 2.2 lbs what is his estimated adult weight? Thanks

    • amadmin!

      Hi Savannah – By the time your Morkie is about 9 months old, he will probably weigh a couple of ounces over 4 pounds, and remain at that weight.

  9. Margo Cianchetti

    I have a 10 month old male Morkie named Snoopy. He is already 15 pounds. Not fat. Vet says he could get to 18 pounds. Does this mean he is not a true Morkie? I was hoping for him to stay small but that didn’t happen. Love him no matter what size just makes it harder for me to pick up.

    • amadmin!

      Hi Margo!
      Glad to hear you love your Snoopy and why wouldn’t you – Morkies are the best! He could go up to 18 pounds alright but he may stay around 15 pounds; but don’t worry about the size as long as he’s not fat. If you can feel his ribs and you see a tuck UP at his stomach – between the chest and tail, where his belly is, then he’s good.

      Snoopy is somewhat bigger than the “standard” Maltese and Yorkie but today, I see this urge to miniaturize our dogs and it’s very distressing. Unscrupulous breeders simply match sickly runt-to sickly runt to get the size down. I really deplore this movement because the dogs can have poor quality of life as a result; and the owner’s heart is broken by his constant illnesses and much shorter life.

      When Yorkshire Terriers were first introduced in England in the 1880s they ran around 35 to 40 lbs. Had to be bigger to chase down all those rats in big fabric mills and coal mines 🙂 Even in the 1960s most Yorkies were more like 15 pounds – the movie star Audrey Hepburn LOVED her Yorkie, called Mr. Famous, and he was around 16 pounds. How gorgeous are the two of them! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/426575395927812003/

      Best wishes with Snoopy and thanks for writing

    • Dena Gorden

      I’m so glad to read this!!! My Morkie boy is 20 pounds and 9 months old. The vet told me the same thing about Yorkshire Terriers being bigger originally. He is a happy, healthy & playful boy. 🐾💙

  10. Ginna

    Hi, my morkie puppy just turned 8 weeks old yesterday (1/13/17) he currently weighs 3 pounds. I would like to know how much he’ll weigh by the time he is fully grown.

    • amadmin!

      Hi Ginna, thanks for writing to AboutMorkies. Your little Morkie will be pretty much at his full weight by 8 months old. Based on his birthday and current weight, my best guess is that he will be around 7 pounds or 7 1/2 pounds. That’s an ideal size; still tiny but sturdy enough to live a long life. Congratulations!

  11. Jo heaton

    My Morkie weighed .45 kg at seven weeks and at ten weeks she weighed .90kg what will her adult weight be roughly

    • amadmin!

      Hi Jo – Congratulations on getting a Morkie 🙂 It sounds like yours is quite small. My best estimate is between 1.75 and 2.0 K MAYBE up to 2.25 k at the biggest. Jo am going to direct email you a link to download my book “Feeding your Morkie”

      best wishes – keep in touch! Deb

  12. Beth Crosby

    We got our Morkie Oliver at 10 weeks and weighed 2.2 pounds. He is now 17 weeks and weighs 5 pounds. He has grown a lot too.
    I’m wondering how much bigger and when do smaller breeds slow down or reach height and weight size?

    • amadmin!

      Hi Beth – sounds like you’ve got a lovely, healthy little Morkie! Yes, toy dogs do reach their full size sooner than medium and large size breeds. By 10 months they are usually full-grown. My guess for Oliver is that he’ll weigh in around 7 to 8 pounds when fully grown (and in good shape) That’s a GREAT size. Adult dogs under 5 pounds have lots of medical issues, including the possibility of low blood sugar shock at any time when they’re cold, upset, haven’t recently eaten, and more.

      Plus Morkies (and Yorkies and Maltese) under 4 pounds are usually the result of runts bred to other runts, by unscrupulous breeders who know we will fall for a pet that’s super small. Not only is the super-small dog prone to mishaps like broken limbs from jumping off a bed, but he has other problems too and .. will likely not live as long as the proper weight dog. Yu should have many, many years with Oliver – 16 17 or even 18 is not uncommon.

      Thanks for writing!

      • Beth Crosby

        Thank you for your response. I am happy to hear Oliver is on the right road to be a healthy little guy!
        He is a Joy! I would recommend the breed to everyone.

        Thanks again,

        • amadmin!

          Hi Beth, am gong to email you a link to download my book The complete guide to feeding your Morkie. There’s no charge. best regards,
          [email protected]

  13. Darlene

    I am thinking about adopting a morkie. Are these dogs good with kids?
    Have y’all experienced a lot of health problems?
    5 years sounds like a pretty short life expectancy. Can anyone give me a gauge on this? 😩😬

    • amadmin!

      Hi Darlene,

      A healthy, good size Morkie should live 12 to 15 years at least and it’s not unusual for them to go to 16! Yes I agree that 5 years is a very short lifespan, but this is an estimate basedo n experts’ experience – for super small Morkies – also known as “teacups.” When they are 3 1/2 pounds or less, they tend to be fragile from a health point of view, and not very hardy. Basically teacups are runts bred to other runts, that’s why.

      Morkies are pretty good with children. The only concern is, they’re small, and younger children can get overly excited and perhaps play too roughly. However, Morkies are very loving, loyal little dogs and like nothing more than tons of snuggling, so if that sounds like your kids, go for it!

      Thanks for writing, and best wishes, deb

  14. Dominique

    My dog is 10 months and was 8 pounds but is now 5 pounds. We don’t walk every day but at least 2-3 times a week. We keep him active in the house as well. I’m wondering why he has lost weight.

    • amadmin!

      Hi Dominique! Yikes that’s a lot of weight loss. In fact it’s nearly 40% – that would be like an average woman going from 140 lbs. to 84 lbs. real fast. First thing I’d recommend of course, is seeing your Veterinarian. Chances are this weight loss is caused by one of the more common causes, and they can be treated easily. They are thyroid, diabetes and anxiety. There are other causes of quick weight loss in animals, including liver disease, dental problems or parasites, but they are much less common. Dental problems shouldn’t be the cause in a 10 month old – this is usually the result of an older dog whose teeth have a ton of tartar, start to rot and are very painful. And thankfully, parasites (like that big tapeworm we all have nightmares about) are surprisingly, rarely the problem.

      Here’s hoping it’s one of the easier things to resolve, but do see the vet. and let us know how it goes Dominique.
      all the best,
      Deb, About Morkies

      • Molly davis

        my dog is 3 pounds! her name is trixie! do you teach music?

  15. Debra G.

    My Morkie weighs 1/2 a pound at 8 weeks. Do you know what she might weigh as an adult? Thank you!

    • amadmin!

      My best guess is 4 pounds – a really teeny tiny!

  16. Angela

    My Morkie, Jackson is 3 and weighs 12lbs, he is such a little cuddle bug!! 💗

    • amadmin!

      Jackson sounds adorable!

      • Lissy

        Do you have pics, I get my morkie next week and it might weigh 12lb when fully grown. I thought 12 pounds was big. Thank you

        • amadmin!

          Hi Lissy,
          I was talking to another expert who feels your pup will be more like 9 to 10 lbs.

          If you check in the tab on this site that says Pictures; you’ll see a number of those adult dogs are in that size range. So don’t worry, your Morkie is going to be a great size. Best wishes

  17. Carol

    My Morkie is 20 lbs but does not seem fat. Was I scammed by the breeder? At this point I don’t care cause I love my dog and wouldn’t trade him for the world!

    • Mark

      It certainly sounds like it, but im not an expert.

    • Deb at Morkie Nation

      No Carol I don’t think you were scammed…. there just could have been a larger Yorkie or Maltese in your Morkie’s more distant past. As long as he isn’t overweight, it’s not problem at all. And in fact, you’ll find that he’s healthier than the super-small dogs breeders aim for today.

      The joy of Morkies is that every one is a little bit different! Until the Morkie has been bred Morkie-to-Morkie for a few dozen generations, there will always be differences.

      Best of luck and thanks for writing.

  18. Dee

    My female morkie weighs just under 5 lbs at 17 weeks – however, she has SO MUCH fur that she seems a bit bigger. She is pretty small when you give her a bath!

    • amadmin!

      The perfect size!!! Sounds adorable!

  19. Joie

    My morkie Jax is 14 months old and weights 9.5 lbs. I do think the treats need to be cut back a bit. His ideal weight may be 9 lbs. I keep Jax active and love him to pieces.

  20. Denise

    My morkie just turned a year old he is now 8.5 lbs.he is very active!!

    • amadmin!

      That’s a great weight – not too big or too small.

  21. Sandra

    My tannish white morkie just turned 1 and weighs 12 pounds. But he’s not fat. I can feel his ribs and when he stand up, there’s a slight broad at his waist line but he sleeps alot more now than he did when he was a puppy. Ever since he was 4 months old.. My husband and I have always been taking him out for a run and biking with us every morning for cross training and he became very fast at running and can last up to 2 hrs plus.. but recently I’ve noticed that, that energy in him has changed. He’s not as active as he was before, after an hr of workout, He would be drained for the rest of the day. I’m not sure if this is because he’s getting older or he’s getting fat or it could be because we recently went on a trip for 6 wks and left him with my mom where he does nothing at all but sit around n gets pampered?!

  22. Carol

    My vet said my morkie will weigh about 14-15 lbs. he is now 2 and is about 16 lbs. so not too bad

  23. Ethel T. Pettiford

    My Morkie is 4 years old and weighs 9 pds. She is always excited and when she begin to calm down. The older that she gets will she become calmer?

  24. Judith Parent

    My morkie Tango is black with a few black or grey patches and weighs 15 pounds but is not fat.

  25. Judith Parent

    My morkie Tango weighs 15 pounds and is black with some white or grey spots

  26. benny

    Very informative. My morkey os 6 months old and weighs 7 lbs. I do think he is too large for his age.

  27. amadmin!

    About half a kilogram per pound; actually .4535 ks = 1 pound. To convert, take the # of pounds and divide by 2.2

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