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Bad news: fireworks scare Morkie away from home


Very sad story about a runaway Morkie in Marion County, Florida. Seems the family’s Morkie, “Tuttles” was frightened by July 4th fireworks.  He somehow slipped out the front door and ran away. Now, more than 2 weeks later, Tuttles is still missing and let’s face it, the chances of finding him are very slim. YOUR Morkie’s fear of fireworks could be fatal, unless you take these steps to safety.



Fireworks are bad news for dogs

Fireworks are particularly scary for small dogs. In fact the ASPCA says that the days after July 4th each year, are the biggest for reporting runaway dogs. Seen from a dog’s point of view, you can understand it…. Very loud, banging sounds, lights flashing in the sky, a moment’s peace and then it starts again.


more dogs run away july 4th than any other day



Protect your Morkie’s safety during fireworks

Here are 7 ways you can make fireworks less threatening – and safer – for your Morkie.


Take your dog to another location. If the fireworks are planned for right in your neighbourhood why not drop your Morkie off at a friend’s or relative’s where the frightening sounds and lights won’t bother her.

Provide a safe haven for your Morkie at home. Put him in a room as far from the fireworks sounds as possible and close the door. Move his bed here, along with some food and water and leave a radio on at a fairly high volume.


Try a Thundershirt.  You can read more here:  Thundershirts are specially designed to apply gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement in your dog. It calms during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more with no training and no medication so your dog stays drug-free. Thundershirt comes with a money-back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work with your Morkie, you can get a refund. Check it out here.


Give your Morkie a low dose of children’s Benadryl. For small dogs like Morkies, Yorkies and Maltese, the dosage is quite low. Start with the children’s version of Benadryl, in liquid form, since tablets contain too much medication.  DO NOT USE “Benadryl Elixir,” a liquid product for adults – it contains alcohol, very dangerous for dogs. Instead, use the children’s liquid – NOT SUGAR FREE. For the right dosage, take your pet’s weight in pounds divided by 2.5 = ml’s to be given.

So an  8 lb. dog would get 3.2 ml (8 ÷ 2.5 = 3.2 ml’s) HERE’S A HANDY CHART YOU CAN DOWNLOAD AND PRINT as a guide, and review with your Vet:  (Just click on the top, right hand arrow.)

AboutMorkies Benadryl dosage



Keep all exits to/from your home secure. By secure, I mean, take extra, extra precautions that your Morkie cannot access the door when you’re going in or out. You’d be surprised at just how quickly your dog can dart out the door if he’s been frightened by something like fireworks. When you’re opening your door, put your Morkie in another room, with the door closed, or have someone hold him.


Work to desensitize your dog to the sounds of fireworks and thunder. There’s a great resource here where you can download an MP3 of fireworks sounds, and get more information:


And finally, don’t baby your dog when he’s afraid, but don’t punish him either. One extreme or the other will only lead to more frightened behavior; instead, act normally as you give your Morkie a little bit of soothing.



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