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Deb is a long-time small dog expert and writer, and loves sharing her learning and experience with Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese.

AboutMorkies.com is not a site that sells Morkies or Morkie Puppies.

We’re a Morkies information blog, sharing news, views and pictures of Morkies, that adorable blend of Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese dog.

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About Deborah Gray, small dog expert

Deb has had a lifelong passion for dogs. She is NOT a Veterinarian and is not trained in animal science.  

Just another dog lover who’s put her passion to work – for you!

Instead, she is a devoted small-dog lover, and a professional researcher and writer.  Tired of getting conflicting advice about her dogs’ health, care and well-being, she decided to research and write unbiased, complete information for other small dog lovers to enjoy. This is up-to-date information with no ulterior motive – no “special foods” to sell,  no vitamins, no training programs. Just knowledge and information, from one dog lover to another. 

So these books are a compilation of all the best advice that’s out there, updated with the latest developments in small dog care.

deb tink feb 22 2010 webcamWhen Deb was researching the Morkie Mega-Guide, she was shocked and sickened as she learned more about the pet food industry. So she expanded that information into a stand-alone book, Feeding Your Morkie: the shocking TRUTH about commercial dog food.  

Reading about other dog lovers online who had lost beloved pets thanks to unneeded and unwanted vaccinations, she delved into that topic and wrote Truth Exposed: Vaccinations and Your Small Dog.

 And since she’s owned both Maltese and Yorkies she’s written a book: Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese: picking the perfect pet for your family.  (No, she can’t decided yet which is the best 🙂

All books are 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.  Don’t like your e-book? No problem, no questions — you get your money back!

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