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    All about the Maltese

      Your Morkie is, of course, half Maltese so it’s good to know as much as possible about the lovely Maltese. What are the differences between the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier, the other half of the Morkie dog?       One of the oldest dog breeds Evidence of Maltese dogs goes back centuries […]

  • Feeding Your Morkie

    Despite scenes like this one:   …..you’re probably feeling very fortunate to have a Morkie for a pet! They’re smart, affectionate, loyal and loving. What more could you want in a little dog? (Well maybe a little less barking and a little better potty training.) In the meantime, let’s refresh our memories – FOODS YOUR […]

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    Morkies in the News
    Morkies in the news

    Roundup I’ve been gathering some articles and news lately that feature Morkies. Enjoy! New Dog Park will feature separate runs for large & small dogs Town counsel in Bellmore (New York) have welcomed suggestions from pet owners about where a new dog park should be, and some of the details. One thing everyone agreed on […]

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    morkie as a pit bull
    Hallowe’en Morkies

    It’s that time of year – are you and your Morkie ready?? Once again, the lowly PUMPKIN is the most popular pet costume this year – come on people, can’t we be more creative 🙂  Also on the list, the devil, a hotdog, bee, cat, witch bow tie and pirate.     By the way, […]

  • TREATS must be safe too!

    Lots of us are concerned about commercial dog food, and with good reason! It is such a huge market that some manufacturers are willing to go to almost any lengths to grab more market share. Cutting corners and disguising ingredients are just two of their nasty tricks.   But TREATS can be just as scary! […]