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Battle of the Breeds!

Maltese versus Yorkie

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from the AKC website

Where does the Morkie fit? Somewhere between the parents, the Maltese and the Yorkie.

Breed Standards from the American Kennel Club





Dog Dental Care & Your Morkie

Dog Dental Care & Your Morkie

Good dog dental care is vital for your Morkie and there's more to it than just cleaning dogs teeth. Proper dental care includes these four parts: 1. brush - ideally daily, but at least every other day 2. spray - use one of the new ‘plaque sprays’ or dental gels for...

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How to find a lost dog

How to find a lost dog

Do you know how to find a lost dog? Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Canada Day -- these are all dates when dogs go missing because they've been freaked out by fireworks. Here are some tips for you and your Morkie, on how to find a lost dog. Your family isn't the...

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