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    why is my dogs nose wet?
    Why are dogs’ noses wet?

    A nudge in the early morning from that cold, wet nose – yikes! Ever wonder why your Morkie’s nose is wet? Noses are covered with a thin layer of mucous for a number of reasons. First, it helps regulate their body temperature. Dogs don’t have regular sweat glands like people, to regulate hot and cold. […]

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    Twilight bark, in Walt Disney's 101 Dallmatians
    Why does my Morkie bark so much?

    Ever wonder what your Morkie is trying to tell you when he barks? If he’s like most dogs, the TYPE of bark will help you figure it out. Dogs have four basic types of barks, depending on their mood and the circumstances. These are: Territorial Nervous Bored Fearful And while barking is natural — it’s an […]

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    Does my dog dream?
    Does your Morkie dream?

    Ever notice your Morkie’s legs twitching, or hear her making little noises in her sleep? Chances are, your Morkie is having a dream. In that way, it seems dogs are like humans. When researchers looked for specific proof that dogs do indeed dream, they came up with a number of tests that show they do. By […]

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    Longest living dogs

    In the last post, I answered a common question: “how long will my Morkie live?” Although there haven’t been enough generations of Morkies to form a solid history, my opinion is that a Morkie’s average age is 15, and that they can live as long as 17 or 18 years. I based that on the longevity of the parents, […]

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