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    ways to help stop animal abuse
    Animal Welfare Laws overdue for change

      According to the Humane Society International, animal welfare laws in Canada haven’t changed much since 1892. Yup, that’s right EIGHTEEN 92, not 1992. Penalties may have increased in recent years, but the scope and application of the current laws remain pathetically weak. So even the WORST animal abuse offender is very hard to punish. […]

  • dogs in the news
    Dogs by the Numbers

    Thought I would try something a little different today… a doggy infographic. Love this new way of communicating. Lots of cool little factoids on a colourful design. What do you think?    

  • Crimes against dogs
    Help I'm lost
    Dog napping with a happy ending

    When this cutie went missing in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, owners acted fast to get him back. While a couple enjoyed a Saturday lunch downtown, dognappers got to work and stole this Lab/Shepherd cross who’d been tied up outside. The owners were aghast; they flagged down a passing police cruiser and explained the situation. The officer […]

  • Crimes against dogs
    dog theft
    Dognappers and other Dirtbags

    In Toronto, Canada there have been two shocking dognapping crimes within days. What can we learn from them to help us protect our Morkies?   Incident #1 4 thugs on bikes stole a small dog from the owner at knifepoint in a North York park on November 15th. Police say a man was walking his dog […]

  • dogs in the news
    Emotional support animal - Morkies
    Could your Morkie be a service dog?

    When we talk about dogs with jobs – specifically those who help humans – we’re really talking about three different roles. And Morkies are ideal for at least one of those roles. Maybe YOUR Morkie is waiting to serve! There are 3 kinds of dogs-with-jobs: The traditional Service Dog, often a German Shepherd or Lab Emotional […]

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