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    Morkies in the News
    Morkies in the news

    Roundup I’ve been gathering some articles and news lately that feature Morkies. Enjoy! New Dog Park will feature separate runs for large & small dogs Town counsel in Bellmore (New York) have welcomed suggestions from pet owners about where a new dog park should be, and some of the details. One thing everyone agreed on […]

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    dogs and hurricane irma
    More sad news about animals in storms

    Florida media is reporting that pets have been abandoned in huge numbers as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida. And even worse than just let out, some dogs have been chained to cars. These cars will be underwater within hours.   Animal Cruelty Charges Considered As Hurricane Irma bore down on the Florida Keys with 130-miles-per-hour winds […]

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    fear of fireworks
    Bad news: fireworks scare Morkie away from home

      Very sad story about a runaway Morkie in Marion County, Florida. Seems the family’s Morkie, “Tuttles” was frightened by July 4th fireworks.  He somehow slipped out the front door and ran away. Now, more than 2 weeks later, Tuttles is still missing and let’s face it, the chances of finding him are very slim. […]

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    urban legends about hawks stealing dogs
    Snatched by a hawk

    It’s no urban myth; small dogs and cats are being grabbed by predatory birds.  Although it’s relatively rare, it does happen. Often the  hawk or owl quickly drops the pet, realizing it’s far too heavy to carry. But sometimes, it doesn’t turn out well. The sad truth is: large raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and […]