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    fear of fireworks
    Bad news: fireworks scare Morkie away from home

      Very sad story about a runaway Morkie in Marion County, Florida. Seems the family’s Morkie, “Tuttles” was frightened by July 4th fireworks.  He somehow slipped out the front door and ran away. Now, more than 2 weeks later, Tuttles is still missing and let’s face it, the chances of finding him are very slim. […]

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    urban legends about hawks stealing dogs
    Snatched by a hawk

    It’s no urban myth; small dogs and cats are being grabbed by predatory birds.  Although it’s relatively rare, it does happen. Often the  hawk or owl quickly drops the pet, realizing it’s far too heavy to carry. But sometimes, it doesn’t turn out well. The sad truth is: large raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and […]

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    Yulin dog meat festival
    Yulin Dog Meat Festival – cancelled this year!

    Great, great news. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival – also known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival – HAS BEEN CANCELLED …for this year! At this annual “celebration” in China, it’s estimated that 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are killed and eaten each year. It’s hard to even imagine the size and scope of this living nightmare.   […]

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    ways to help stop animal abuse
    Animal Welfare Laws overdue for change

      According to the Humane Society International, animal welfare laws in Canada haven’t changed much since 1892. Yup, that’s right EIGHTEEN 92, not 1992. Penalties may have increased in recent years, but the scope and application of the current laws remain pathetically weak. So even the WORST animal abuse offender is very hard to punish. […]