• Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    Removing Ticks!

      The lowly tick is in the spotlight — thanks to growing concern about Lyme disease and a new awareness of all the dangers ticks can bring. These nasty little creatures carry at least 15 common diseases, including Rocky Mountain fever, Lyme disease and others so serious you – or your dog – can die! […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    dig dog dig
    Why do dogs dig?

    Digging is a natural activity for dogs and a hard behaviour to change. Terriers are renowned for digging and your Morkie is half terrier, after all… Yorkshire Terrier. Unchecked, digging can ruin your yard. Not to mention, your Morkie will track dirt and mud throughout the house, and might even escape. Discouraging Digging You need […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    haters gonna hate small dog thinks
    15 Things Your Morkie Hates

    Shocker, but WE can be annoying to our DOGS! Even though you might treat your dog like a little person, animals have different preferences and ideas about things… like hugs. Here are 15 things your dog probably hates. “I hate being around fireworks” A dog’s first reaction to ear-splitting sounds and frightening lights, is to […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    pet tags
    A Look at Custom Pet Tags

    Customized pet ID tags feature information can include personal messages, information about medical conditions or dietary needs. Made-to-order tags can be engraved, embossed, personalized, and reflective. Engraved tags are available in different colours and styles such as bone, round, square, and more. They cost as little as $3.00. Large tags may have five lines of […]

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