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    Getting a great picture of your Morkie

    Here are 10 ways to make your Morkie photos better and more interesting. Take lots and lots of pictures – for every 100 shots you take, expect to get 2 or 3 great ones. Pick a time when he’s relaxed, even tired out. Take pictures of your Morkie in his natural surroundings. If your Morkie spends all […]

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    Download & print free Morkie cards

    Still got some cards to mail or want to include a special card on a package? Try these – featuring MORKIES! Just download and print two-sided on your computer, on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It’s that easy! Click here to get the cards.  

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    morkie calendar
    Make a Morkie calendar

    Timing is right to put together a 12 month Morkie calendar. Pick 12 good, horizontal shots of your Morkie. Ideally some or all will be seasonal. Cropping your photos Here’s a short summary of one of the best-known rules of photography or painting: The Law of Thirds. The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is — […]

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    Morkie pictures
    Showing off your Morkie pix

    If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ve probably taken dozens of pictures of your beloved Morkie. But where are those cute pictures now? Are they stashed away in a drawer or shoebox, gathering dust? Or buried on your hard drive, inside a folder, inside a folder, never to be found? Don’t let those adorable […]

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