Buddy-G-Sparkling-Austrian-Crystal-Gold-plated-Pet-Jewelry-Collar-L12453630Dog collars for your Morkie… should be easy, right?  Well, yes and no.  Read on about the best, the worst and the OK choices in dog collars for your Morkie.

This collar on the left, made from sparkling European crystals is on Overstock right now – see it here.  It’s advertised at about $25 and comes in different colours – blue, pink, red and clear.

Endless choices. You may think a collar’s just a collar, but look at how many different kinds you can choose from… not all of these would be suitable for a small dog of course, and some aren’t safe or humane for any dog. Ones in CAPITALS work for a small dog like a Morkie.

There are so many choices in dog collars because collars are TOOLS for your Morkie. They’re designed for one of two things – and sometimes both:

  • to carry his identification
  • to use with a leash for walking

What’s the BEST collar to use for a Morkie?

The best collar to carry your Morkie’s identification, is soft, pliable and not too thick.  The best collar to WALK your Morkie is not a collar – it’s a harness.  (More on harnesses in the next post)

For identification, pick from an engraved metal tag, a metal nameplate that goes right on the collar or a collar with the name embroidered right into the collar.  Here are some good choices for a Morkie:

  • a flat nylon collar – these come in lots of colors, and some feature printed designs
  • pliable, braided leather, if the overall collar width is thin enough
  • any kind of padded collar
padded collars collage

These are all padded collars, available from Amazon.com

Why you can’t use a cat collar for your tiny Morkie?

Yes, they fit better.  But did you know that cat collars by law, must release?  So if the cat is caught up in a tree or in bushes and suddenly takes off, the collar will break apart without much effort.  It’s a safety thing for cats. But obviously not a good thing if your Morkie suddenly decides to run.

Fitting the collar

Here’s how to fit the collar: don’t forget to check it often as your Morkie grows. You want to leave two fingers wiggle room under the collar, but check that you can’t easily slip the collar over his head.

Fit a dog collar

The first bling collar?

first bling dog collar

first bling dog collar

I find the history of collars pretty interesting… like did you know that we started decorating our canine companions about 10,000 years ago? Ancient Egyptians were crazy about cats, but they loved their dogs too. This collar was found in a tomb, along with the mummified dog and owners. It’s a work of art in itself.

Ancient Greeks depict dogs on leashes with collars in fine ivory work, at left.

And below, Roman mosaic from around 300 B.C. that shows dogs on collar and lead. By the way, did you know that the Roman Emperor Caesar often took his citizens to task because they paid more attention to their dogs than to their children? (Information and images of ancient colours featured on the website DogCollarsBoutique.com )

most-expensive-collar-everThe World’s Most Expensive Dog Collars

The British gossip paper, the Mail Online, ran a story about the most expensive dog collars and here they are. The first one, below, weighs in at 52 carats and is encrusted with 1,600 diamonds!  It’s approximately $3.2 million – U.S. dollars too.  No word if tax is extra 🙂

These two collars are a little less pricey, at about $900,000 each. Funny how all these super diamond-encrusted collars are for SMALL DOGS.  Hmmm, dogs just like Morkies!

There are deluxe dog collars that don’t fall intojuicy couture dog collar these astronomical price ranges of course, including my favourite, the Coach Dog Collar. Almost every designer makes a beautiful looking collar for small dogs. Costs range from $100 and up, up, up.

Designer dog collars come in every style and colour you can imagine.

Designer dog collars come in every style and colour you can imagine.


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