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Before you get a Morkie- read this FREE report!

If you’re thinking about the MORKIE – that adorable blend of purebred Yorkshire Terrier plus purebred Maltese dog — there are some things you should know first.

Like, are they hard to train? Do Morkies bark a lot? Are they good with kids?

These questions and more, are answered in this 28-page report.

You’ll read about the parents, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese dog, and how they’ve shaped the Morkie.

Learn what health concerns are common with the Yorkie and Maltese, and therefore the Morkie.

And read up on the Morkie’s unique coat.

“Know what you’re getting when you get a Morkie, thanks to this free guide.”

What you’ll read

Where can I find a good quality Morkie?

What should I feed my Morkie?

What hereditary health problems could he have?

Do Morkies bark a lot?

Can Morkies be housetrained?

Do they suffer from dog Separation Anxiety?

Are Morkies good family dogs?

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Advice you can trust.  Written in author Deb Gray’s trademark style, this report is concise, clear and easy to read. Deb is not a Veterinarian, and isn’t connected to any pet care companies or organizations. So her books are unbiased and uncensored.

It’s one pet lover writing to another one.

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In this short 28-page report, you’ll read vital information like:

•  Where to find a GOOD QUALITY Morkie – and avoid a puppy mill dog

•  Feeding your Morkie for optimum health

•  Hereditary health problems that a Morkie could have, through its parents the Yorkie and Maltese

•  Morkies and barking – can it be controlled?

•  Potty-training your Morkie

•  Separation anxiety and your Morkie

•  Are Morkies good for families with small children?

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