7 Things You Need to Know Before you get a Morkie


If you’re thinking of getting a MORKIE – that adorable blend of purebred Yorkshire Terrier plus purebred Maltese dog, there are some things I’d like you to know first.


maltese plus yorkie equals morkie


For example, 


Where can I find a good quality Morkie – not from a scummy puppy mill?

  • What should I look for in a puppy or adult?
  • Do Morkies bark a lot?
  • Are Morkies good for kids?

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Updated in 2016




    I am very Intrested in a Morkie to have as a Service baby My Maltese was stolen in Hollywood May 21,2017 an I Ran accross your site
    I ve been in Search for him for 3 weeks I am sick with out him please get in CONTACT with Me please

    • amadmin!

      Hi Goldie,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your Maltese, that is just DREADFUL. Goldie, I don’t sell Morkie dogs or even broker them. However, I do try to show people where and how they can find a good Morkie… so I am assuming you live near or in Hollywood?

      If so, I have found 7 Morkies in your area (within 25 miles of Hollywood). These dogs are all ready to be adopted, and are listed on petfinder.com Petfinder gets information from kennels, shelters and rescues across North American and then organizes them into type of pet.

      In this case, I have looked up both Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese dog. In each, there are mixed breeds also listed, with one or the other parent.

      You can click on any of these links to check them out Goldie.

      Best of luck with your search – please stay in touch.



      It doesn’t say he’s a Yorkie Maltese mix, but certainly looks like a Morkie.
      He is a tiny male, who is at the Miracle Dog Rescue in L.A.


      Cupcake, a Yorkie and Bichon Frise mix, so will have many of the same qualities that a Morkie has. She’s at the Mutt Hutt Rescue in Huntington Park.


      Tiny Bette is a small, female Morkie at Saving K9 Lives Plus, in Encino


      Little Savannah is a small female Morkie, at Smooch Pooch Dog Rescue in Rolling Hills Estates, CA


      Little Mickey is a small female Morkie, at A Purposeful Rescue, L.A.


      Henri is listed as a Maltese and Terrier mix – from his pix it certainly looks like he’s a Morkie. He’s in Redondo Beach.


      Same with Fiji, a young, small female. She looks like a Morkie, very sweet looking. She is in a shelter in Los Almaitos.

  2. fouzia

    Hi there

    Thanks for the offer but it says my email address not valid????

    • amadmin!

      Thank you very much!

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