Adopt, Rescue or Buy a Morkie – which is best?

All three choices are great – unless you are buying a Morkie puppy from a pet store or inadvertently, from a puppy mill.

First, where you should NEVER look for a puppy

In a pet store. Even if if the manager assures you the dogs are from a good breeder; they’re not. No halfway decent breeder would put her puppies into a pet store environment. Pet store dogs are bought wholesale from puppy mills.

Online. It’s alright to LOOK online for available puppies, but never complete the deal online by sending money for a puppy that’s going to be shipped to you. That’s almost certainly the mark of a puppy mill dog or a scam with no dog actually available.

Did you know that according to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, last year, more than 200,000 puppies were bought online by American families eager to find the perfect pet for themselves or their kids.

That’s staggering — and it rarely ends happily, especially for a designer dog like the Morkie. These mother dogs are sickly, cruelly treated and abused and receive absolutely no medical care. The mother is caught up in a never-ending cycle of breeding until she can no longer breed and at that point she is disposed of like garbage.

The problem with Puppy Mills

Puppy mills, as the name suggests, churn out pups by the thousands, under extremely cruel and inhumane conditions, for one purpose only: the almighty dollar. It is estimated that there are 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S. that produce more than half a million puppies a year!

  • That’s 30 to 40 litters each and every year, per puppy mill.
  • The dogs are underfed, abused and never given medical care.
  • The conditions are cruel, cramped and unsanitary. Females must produce puppies at every heat. Once they can’t, they dumped, usually dropped by the side of a country road, or sadistically drowned.
puppy mill dog

If you buy a pet store puppy… this may well be what his mother looks like, back at the puppy mill.

How to find a Morkie to Rescue or Adopt

IT CAN BE A REAL CHALLENGE TO FIND A GOOD QUALITY MORKIE – you don’t want to support puppy mills!

Since the Morkie isn’t recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club or the Canadian Kennel Club, you won’t find registered breeders – generally the best way to go for a happy, healthy and cruelty-free pet.

Casual breeders will offer Morkies — but just be VERY SURE that their pups have been raised by them; you don’t want a puppy mill dog. That’s at least 10 years of heartbreak because your puppy will probably be sickly and worse!

Good places to start

To find a good quality Morkie, start with local rescue groups, the humane society and the local pound. Two great websites to start are and Others include and

You can find more links at


Petango adoptions


Petfinder logo



local-animal-sheltersAnd of course, your local shelter

Just google “animal shelter” to find shelters closest to you; these might be part of the Humane Society or the ASPCA (Association for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), or local groups.

Check your LOCAL newspaper or find a Morkie breeder online. Although it’s OK to look for a Morkie online, NEVER buy one that way. When you buy a dog online, sight unseen, you’re buying from a puppy mill. Period.


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