How big will my puppy get?


How big should your Morkie be?

The Morkie’s parents – Yorkie and Maltese – are usually between 5 and 7 pounds (2.25 kg to 3.25 kg). Those are the official kennel club “Breed Standards,” which  you can read here:

Breed standards: Yorkshire Terrier.  Maltese Dog.

Some are bigger and some are smaller, but generally this is the weight range of an adult Morkie.

Smaller isn’t better.

Although tiny puppies are adorable, Teacups have more health problems in general. They are more sensitive to potential hazards around the house; for example, a jump from the couch can break a leg. Very small dogs often suffer from digestive problems, including chronic diarrhea. Plus, dogs under 4 pounds don’t live as long.

Sure, he’s cute. But dogs that are TOO SMALL can have plenty of health problems. Plus, they don’t live as long.

Audrey Hepburn with her Yorkie in 1960. Looks like he weighs about 15 pounds.

Yorkies used to be much bigger

Left, movie star Audrey Hepburn with the love of her life, Yorkie “Mister Famous.”

It looks like Mister Famous weights about 15 pounds in this picture. Since that time (1960) Yorkies continue to be bred down in size, often to the detriment of the breed.

On the forum, there are multiple discussions about “too small yorkies” including posts that talk about the dangers of breeding any Yorkie that is 4 pounds or less. Owners share a number of problems they have with too-small Yorkies, including health problems and cosmetic issues like poor coat and teeth.

The biggest concern is Hypoglycaemia or critically low levels of sugar in the blood.

Low blood sugar can be a temporary problem for many small breeds when they are puppies.

But when teacups are under 5 pounds when fully grown — they’re always at risk of this common yet very serious problem. Hypoglycaemia is caused because the small dog is not able to store enough energy (food) in its tiny digestive system. Any kind of stress can cause a drastic drop in blood sugar levels which can actually be fatal!

Morkie Puppy Growth Curve

How to estimate your Morkie’s adult size

  • small dogs reach their adult weight at about 10 months – which is faster than large dogs, who take a year to a year-and-a-half to grow into their adult size
  • Morkie puppies are usually around 4 ounces when they’re born
  • by the end of the first week, they usually double that birth weight
  • All toy dogs, including Morkies, Yorkies and Maltese, tend to grow quickly in the first few weeks. They generally gain about 1/2 ounce per day, or up to 4 ounces a week until week 5 or 6
  • their weight at 6 weeks, times four, is a good estimate of what their adult weight will be

3 ways to calculate how big your Morkie will be

Weight at 6 weeks X 4

Multiply your pup’s weight at 6 weeks X 4. That should be his adult weight.

For example, a puppy that’s 1.5 pounds will likely be 6 pounds when grown.


Size of the parents

If you know the parents’ weight, average it for an indication of your pup’s adult size.

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Here are 3 ways to calculate what your adult Morkie will likely weigh.