• Morkie Fun & Games
    What to name your Morkie?

    The kids are fighting about whether the Yorkie should be called “Fluffy” or “Puffy.”  Your husband thinks a sports name would be perfect, like “Forty-Niners” and your friend at work is halfway expecting you to name the dog after her! Wondering what to name your Morkie? Think it over because experts claim we say our […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    Foods dogs should never eat

    We know dogs should not eat chocolate… but did you know… Just one square of Unsweetened Bakers Chocolate could kill a small dog like a Morkie! With Easter approaching fast, it’s good to remind ourselves just how dangerous chocolate can be.  There are two culprits in chocolate – the caffeine and theobromine, which is even more […]

  • Morkies in the news
    OMG the funniest dog pix ever!

    DOG SHAMING.COM If you haven’t seen this site or heard of it… you must go!  It’s hilarious pix of dogs who clearly know they’ve been naughty, with handwritten signs on them or near, detailing the ‘bad deed.’  Very cute. Here’s one that could be a Morkie… accused of stealing socks and peeing on the carpet. […]

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