• dogs in the news
    When dogs are more than pocket pals

    We have a tiny Yorkie and a big Golden Retriever so I know that dogs come in many, many sizes and many, many temperaments. It seems there’s a dog for every human need or desire, and a dog that’s ready to serve us in virtually any circumstance. So how great is it to see that […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    Wonder drug for dogs: Benadryl!

    Benadryl – is a popular allergy medicine that we count on to relieve hay fever and other allergies. The good news: It’s also OK to give to dogs.  Benadryl is safe for dogs In the proper dosage, Benadryl is safe for dogs and helps treat — dog allergies the after-effects of vaccinations reactions to flea bites, […]

  • About Morkies - Morkie information
    Saturday: 7 Links for Morkie Lovers

    Want some information on your Morkie?  Here are 7 links with lots of good info:  1.  Animal Planet’s special section on Small Dogs   Videos, quizzes, articles, photos and more. Topics are meaty and include subjects like 10 Nicknames That Won’t Embarrass Your Small Dog and Best Small Dog Travel Gear. 2. E-How How to Care for Small Dog […]

  • Morkie Fun & Games
    6 seconds of Morkie – Morkies on VINE

    In case you missed it, Vine is an iPhone app (owned by Twitter) that lets you make 6-second videos and loop them… you can download it on iTunes. Although it sounds kinda dumb, it does grow on you.  Especially if you’re looking at MORKIE Vines!  Here’s one – And more here at  Vine – just […]

  • Getting a Morkie
    Thinking of adopting a Morkie?

    That’s great – you won’t be disappointed.  Today, shelter and rescue group staff work with you to find a great match. And contrary to some myths out there, dogs at shelters are not “bad” or “damaged.” They’ve usually been turned back because the owner’s life has taken a bad turn. To find an adoptable Morkie, […]