• Morkies in the news
    Morkie makes political statement

    A Raleigh city councilwoman posted a photo of her MORKIE dog peeing on a marble column of the statehouse — as a political analogy to how the Republican-controlled General Assembly is treating North Carolina’s citizens. “I figured, what better way to get my frustration across than with humor?” said City Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin, who used […]

  • Morkie trivia
    Why the Irish love their dogs!

    A new study by University College Dublin, shows that the Irish really love their dogs…. and really don’t like cats.  About 36% of Irish homes have a dog, but less than 10% own cats. That compares to the United States, where dog and cat ownership is about equal, and 64% of households have at least […]

  • About Morkies - Morkie information
    Can office dogs reduce stress?

    According to a preliminary investigation published in March 2012*  employees who bring their dog to the office can cap the amount of stress experienced during the day, and improve job satisfaction for all. Randolph Barker, a dog-loving management professor, monitored the stress levels of employees at a retailing and manufacturing business with a 14-year history […]

  • Celebrity Morkies
    Another Celeb Morkie – Riley Jonas

    From People Magazine Pets… “While dad’s away … mom and puppy will play! “Kevin Jonas*‘s wife, Danielle, hangs with her Morkie, Riley, on Wednesday before heading to a JoBros concert in Auburn Hills, Mich.” *Yes it’s Kevin Jonas of THE Jonas Brothers, one of the original boy bands, still going strong.  Kevin and Danielle, who wed […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    Finding your Lost Morkie

    Yesterday I wrote about just some of the reasons dogs run away — fear, boredom, sex…and some run away just ‘cause they can! So what do you do if your Morkie’s run away? Number one: stay calm but act quickly call animal control – it’s amazing how many times your dog is waiting patiently for […]