• Celebrity Morkies
    Celebrity Morkies

    Came across this yesterday in a fanzine magazine – Khloe Kardashian and her step-dad Bruce Jenner, looking at puppies in a pet store (Are they dumb or what!?) … here they are, spotted looking at a Yorkie, a Shorkie and a Morkie! As far as we know, they didn’t buy any.  Good thing.. wouldn’t want the […]

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    Mutt or purebred dog?
    Morkies: Designer dog or mutt?

    If you google “Morkies” you’ll find a ton of people selling Morkie puppies, some fans and some real haters out there. Why the negative response to so-called “designer dogs?” Some people, me included, object to ‘back yard breeders.’  These are people who are into the dog business purely for the money.  You’ve heard about them […]