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    How old is this teacup puppy
    Watch out for this teacup Morkie scam

    If you’re looking for a Morkie, you might be attracted to the idea of a teacup Morkie. And no wonder – we love things that are tiny and vulnerable. They’re just so cute! BUT… teacups are not a breed or type of dog. They’re simply first or second generation runts. Too-tiny dogs bred to too-tiny dogs. […]

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    BAd hair, don't care
    Choosing the right dog brush

    Brushing your Morkie brings lots of benefits. Besides looking better, brushing can improve your dog’s coat AND boost the skin and the supply of nutrients to it by encouraging the flow of blood underneath the skin. Your reaction and enthusiasm to brushing may be along the lines of “Great! I’ll go and grab the brush […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    haters gonna hate small dog thinks
    15 Things Your Morkie Hates

    Shocker, but WE can be annoying to our DOGS! Even though you might treat your dog like a little person, animals have different preferences and ideas about things… like hugs. Here are 15 things your dog probably hates. “I hate being around fireworks” A dog’s first reaction to ear-splitting sounds and frightening lights, is to […]

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