Yulin Dog Meat Festival – cancelled this year!

Yulin Dog Meat Festival – cancelled this year!

Great, great news.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival – also known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival – HAS BEEN CANCELLED …for this year!

At this annual “celebration” in China, it’s estimated that 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are killed and eaten each year. It’s hard to even imagine the size and scope of this living nightmare.


Condemned to die a barbaric death

Eating dog meat is highly offensive to most of the world. But even worse – the tens of thousands of dogs stolen, bought or specially raised each year – are skinned alive and boiled. Then they are butchered up and served as a delicacy. Visitors can even pick their choice from cages crammed full of live dogs – and it’s quickly skinned, boiled and served. Read more about Yulin festival here on wikipedia


This little pup doesn’t know he’s about to be skinned alive, boiled and served up for dinner at the Yulin dog meat festival.  Reported by the Daily Mail.


Over 11 Million Signatures made it happen


woman with maltese dog for yulin festivalAfter many, many years of protest around the world, Mr. Mo Gong Ming, Yulin Party Secretary of the government, put a temporary ban on the practice of eating dogs at the Yulin Festival, for this year only. The ban will come into effect on June 15—one week before the “festival” starts. It’s meant to be strictly enforced, with hefty fines and the risk of arrest for violations.  It’s a wonderful first step – but it’s simply that. Why do I say that?

  • dogs and cats will still be killed and cooked in advance of the festival
  • it may continue next year
  • food safety and regulations aren’t followed, so many things slip under the radar
  • trucks and cars are not banned from carrying pets into the area before the “festival”


What can you do?

Help make the ban permanent.

Please speak out now on behalf of animals still at risk, and appeal for an end to this intolerable horror for all time. Andrew Rowan, President and CEO of the Humane Society International urges us to continue the fight – you can sign the NEW petition here.




Yulin Protest T-Shirts


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Why does my Morkie eat grass?

Why does my Morkie eat grass?

Dog grass bowlDoes your Morkie eat grass? And does it worry you? It shouldn’t… eating grass is perfectly normal for dogs (and cats) and it doesn’t hurt them.  But why do dogs eat grass anyway?

Well the truth is, no one really knows why dogs eat grass. But there are lots of theories.


Theory #1: It’s genetic

The Walking Catfish eats both plant matter (aquatic weeds) and animals (small fish). From https://www.pinterest.com/pin/213639576047784651/

CREEPY!!!  Another omnivore, the Walking Catfish eats both plant matter (aquatic weeds) and animals (small fish). It uses special fins to propel itself across hard surfaces, hence the name ‘walking.’  From Pinterest

Dogs are like us – they’re omnivores. That means they eat everything.

An omnivore gets energy from both plant and animal foods. Other omnivores include bears, pigs, hedgehogs and chimpanzees. And the very weird walking catfish, which eats both aquatic weeds and small fish.

The other types of eaters are the carnivore, which eats only meat. Examples are the polar bear, lions, tigers and the fox. Some people think dogs are carnivores, but they’re not since they like – and can digest – other food too.

The third type of eater is the herbivore, who eats only plant material. This includes cows, deer, giraffe, the giant panda and most fish.


Theory #2: They don’t feel well, and eating grass makes them feel better.

Wait, grass doesn’t make your pup feel better. Grass makes him barf a little, THEN he feels better.

Often, your Morkie may eat some grass and then vomit a little. That’s because grass has a mildly emetic effect. In other words, it makes them feel like barfing. But… dogs can also eat grass without barfing, which leads us to the third theory about why they do it:


Theory #3: Dogs just like it.

Maybe grass is the Caesar Salad of the canine world? Lots of dogs simply like the taste of grass. It’s fresh, it’s free and it’s handy.

If your Morkie is not eating too much grass, or is not eating a lot of grass and then vomiting a lot, then no worries. It’s just another of their odd little behaviours.

Satisfy your Morkie's craving for grass

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Your Morkie doesn’t like grass?

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