There are dozens and dozens of homeless little Morkies across America. The question is,

How do I find one?

If you’ve decided to adopt/rescue rather than buy, kudos to you! You’re saving a life, that will repay you countless ways.

Start your search by looking online – google
Your state or province small dog rescue

That should get you lots of results.

Or visit the two big sites for adoption, and

top adoption myths

Partnered with thousands of animal welfare organizations across the U.S. and Canada, is the non-profit arm of the giant retailer “Think Adoption First” is a company philosophy and program, which encourages pet adoption rather than the purchase of companion animals whenever possible.

run by the Petco Foundation as a  not-for-profit arm of the giant retailer.

pay the adoption fee (average range is $25 to $125), and get copies of the pet’s vaccination records and sterilization certificate so you can get him licensed.

Shelter vs Rescue 

Some of the advantages of adopting from a shelter are you might be able to see many pets for adoption all at once at their facility. Many shelters have a very easy or no screening process, and will let you take home whatever pet you want the same day. Adoption fees are often lower than a rescue’s, but you may need to pay for additional vet care after adopting.

Some of the advantages of adopting from a rescue are they often know a lot about each of the pets in their care, since the pets may be in foster homes. A rescue might have a more involved screening process, which can take more time, but can help you adopt a pet that is more likely to be an easier match for your home. Adoption fees are often higher than a shelter, but often include vet care that would cost more if you paid the vet yourself.

We hope this overview and these examples help you better understand how you can adopt a pet. If you’re ready to start looking for a pet to adopt, click on the “Find A Pet” menu above to search for dogs for adoption, cats for adoption, or other pets for adoption like rabbits, horses, and more.

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