thumb_barking-maltese_1024Shocker, but WE can be annoying to our DOGS! Even though you might treat your Morkie like a little person, animals have different preferences and ideas about things… like hugs.  Here are 10 things your Morkie probably hates.

“I hate being around fireworks”

A dog’s first reaction to ear-splitting sounds and frightening lights, is to flee. In fact the ASPCA reports that more dogs get lost on the 4th of July than any other single day in the year. Besides inducing massive fear, loud sounds can also damage a dog’s more sensitive hearing.

“I hate it when you leave me alone all day”

Dogs are pack animals and they need their peeps around them to feel comfortable. Otherwise they can get very depressed and anxious… leading sometimes to Canine Anxiety Disorder.

get-out-of-my-face“I hate it when you hug me”

Dogs feel too constrained, and they take hugging as an unwelcome sign of dominance. Same as you putting your face too close to theirs.

“Not letting me explore when we go on a walk”

Dogs’ sense of smell is 10 to 100 THOUSAND times greater than ours, and when you’re out for a walk with your Morkie, there are some pretty amazing scents out there! So let him sniff and explore; it’s in his DNA.

Embarrassed-Dog“I hate it when you over-stare!”

Prolonged eye contact is something that makes dogs really uncomfortable. In the canine world, it’s a sign of establishing dominance and a challenge to fight.

“When you’re upset, I’m upset”

You can’t always be up and you shouldn’t have to put on a fake happy face for your best friend, but dogs get very anxious and unnerved if you’re upset or depressed, or generally just not yourself. Dogs live for routine and steady environments.

“I hate it when you yell at me”

When you yell at a dog, it sounds like angry barking and that signals trouble. Your Morkie won’t understand a thing – except that dangers’s at hand.

whats-all-the-yelling“When you force me to…”

Like us, dogs have preferences….and they like routine. So teaching your Morkie to “face his fears” by keeping him close to the vacuum clean when he’d like to flee, or forcing him to socialize, will make him very tense and ill at ease.

miniature yorkie yorkshire terrier halloween costume 1“Wearing that Hallowe’en costume”

This one doesn’t really need explaining. Some dogs don’t and if you make them look ridiculous for a few minutes a year, but if your Morkie objects, don’t push it.

“Don’t tease me!”

I know, who does this? But some people still think it’s funny to tease their dogs. Pretend to throw the ball, don’t throw it. Bark at a stray you see on the street. Dumb, dumb, dumb.