Yay! It’s the weekend! Time for you and your Morkie to have some fun.


1. Is there anything a dog loves more than a walk? They don’t seem to care if it’s cold, raining or snowing. They just wanna walk, so grab that leash and off you go.


let's go for a walk


2. Grooming can be a fun and bonding time if you’re super-patient and gentle. Use grooming as a way to really get to know your Morkie, and throw in a bit of massage too. Use a good-quality metal comb with teeth that are ‘medium’ spaced. Comb a very small part of the hair at a time if it’s matted. To get your Morkie used to you combing him, run the comb all over his body on the “other” (non-teeth) side.



3. Play Fetch! Call out the Terrier in your Morkie, and get her involved in an active game of indoor fetch. Since Yorkies were originally bred to catch rats and mice in factories, they’re keen to chase down any little toy you throw… try it, your Morkie will love it.



spoil your morkie

4. Be sociable. Visit friends and family who also own small dogs and get your Morkie socialized. Being with other dogs is a great way to ensure your pup stays centred and happy, and helps reduce that Diva Dog attitude that many toys get.



5. Bake! There are lots of recipes for healthy dog biscuits online and you can make them Morkie-size. Use quality ingredients and you can cut calories too: the average commercial dog biscuit has more than 80 calories.



6. Cuddle. Grab a great book and get snuggled down in your bed with your Morkie. That “dog den” feeling is one dogs really love, and if your Morkie doesn’t sleep with you, it’ll be an even bigger treat.



sleeping morkie

7. Go for a car ride… and not to the Vet’s. Sometimes the only time we take our dogs out is to go to the Vet or groomer’s and then we wonder why they’re not so keen on cars… take a little drive and see if your Morkie doesn’t come to love the car. (Don’t forget to secure your pup in a small kennel carrier or with a doggy belt)


8. Add some more ‘stuffing’ to your Morkie’s bed... preferably one or two of your old t-shirts. The bed will be softer, and your Morkie can dig around and make a nest to his delight. And if it’s your old stuff, so much the better!



9. Sing to your Morkie! What’s cuter than seeing her head turn in puzzlement as she listens! Silly songs with lots of high and low notes, will keep your Morkie amused and engaged.



10. Praise, praise, praise! Look your Morkie straight in the eye and tell him how’s he the smartest, most handsome, best dog ever! Use your Morkie’s name a lot. Keep talking in a low, warm voice and watch your Morkie lap it up!