Maltese dogsHere are 15 simple ways you can extend and improve the quality of your Morkie’s life –


  1. walk your Morkie for just 20 minutes a day – it will extend his life and help you
  2. brush your Morkie’s teeth daily and get his teeth professionally cleaned every few years
  3. take your Morkie for annual checkups at your Veterinarians
  4. keep your Morkie’s weight low, and don’t let him become a porkie morkie
  5. reduce or eliminate, all grains – dogs need meat, not wheat and corn
  6. groom your Morkie yourself so you can check for unusual lumps, bumps and growths
  7. learn more about which vaccinations are necessary and which are actually dangerous
  8. make sure you know what houseplants and garden plants are poisonous to dogs
  9. use a dog harness or kennel cage to keep your Morkie secure in the car
  10. take a pet CRP course at your local humane society
  11. avoid all dog parks and leash-free zones unless they have specific, fenced areas for dogs under 20 lbs
  12. make up an anti-poisoning kit and know how to use if in case your Morkie ingests something dangerous
  13. be sure your Morkie always wears a collar with an up-to-date tag, and consider micro chipping as well
  14. don’t feed your Morkie fatty meat scraps
  15. learn how to recognize hypoglycemia in small dogs like Morkies, and what to do about it if your Morkie goes into sugar shock