You really love your little Morkie so you might be surprised to learn there are a bunch of things we people do that dogs HATE. Are you guilty of any of these?

20 Things Your Dog Hates

1. Hugging – to your dog, you are asserting your dominance. A dog may feel threatened or fearful or just hate the feeling.

2. Patting his head – your dogs will put up with it, but experts say it’s better to gently pet a dog’s back or under the chin.

3. Patting his face – if he pulls back or leans away, he definitely doesn’t like it.

4. Lack of structure, rules, and routine.

5. Constant changes to routine.

Dogs love routine and count on everyday life being the same.

6. Keeping the leash too tight on walks. With a sense of smell thousands and thousands of times better than ours, they want to SNIFF!

7. When you’re tense, dogs know it and tense up themselves. Take a deep breath.

8. Teasing – stupid stuff like pulling a dog’s tail Not funny to the dog and you might get bitten. Teasing makes him shy, insecure or aggressive.

9. Staring CAN be perceived by your dog as a challenge. Look into his eyes for just a few seconds then break off. Staring can be very disturbing to a dog.

10. Yelling = angry barking to him. Cool it.


11. Being left alone all the time. Dogs are highly social animals and depend on us for the basics, as well as love and affection.

12. Being in the house 24/7.

Dogs like to get outside to explore.

13. Waking him up suddenly. Yes, dogs dream too and they don’t like the abrupt switch back to reality.

14. Forcing him to play with other dogs.

15. Fireworks, lightning, and thunder.

16. Picking up upside down, or suddenly scooping up from the ground.

17. Putting on an alpha dog act – leaning over a puppy, for example, can frighten him.

What dog DOESN'T hate the vacuum?

18. Expecting him to understand words instead of using your body language.

19. Bugging your dog for kisses when he hasn’t offered first. He will think that again, you’re trying to make him submit. Try belly rubs instead.

20. The vacuum – a dog fears the vacuum’s vibrations; to him a vacuum signals danger is near.
er a puppy, for example, can frighten him.

Enjoy this wonderful graphic by talented Lili Chin.

Lili Chin drawing