With the holidays upon us, here re 3 last minute safety tips for you and your Morkie.

1. No Christmas tree water

  • if you have a real Christmas tree (like 29 million other American households) you probably put water in the base to try and keep the tree fresh as possible
  • you might even add a preservative to the water, such as MiraclGro®  for Xmas Trees
  • either way, the water is not good for dogs or cats – so you know they’ll want to drink it
  • use some tinfoil to fashion a cover over the container and around the trunk, or get a stand designed to keep out critters

This stand has a gauge to indicate water level, but keeps water undercover from pets. From Amazon


2.  Keep your Morkie away from people food

  • lots of treats on the holiday menu  can make your little dog sick – but the most dangerous by far, is cooked bones from the turkey
  • they splinter and crack and get lodged in the intestines, causing tremendous pain, illness, the need for an emergency operation and often, deadly results
  • even scraps of turkey meat can kick off some rampant diarrhea for your Morkie – not very festive!

no turkey for dogs


3.  Watch out for runaways

  • people coming and going, lots of noise, laughter, strangers in the home – it can all be too much for your Morkie, who might dash out the door, unseen in all the commotion
  • even if your Morkie isn’t upset by the hubbub, he just might take advantage of these moments to cut and run, so be sure to keep him away from the front door and safely contained in a closed room or his kennel cage

runaway dogs


Happy Holidays to all!


Merry Christmas


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