# 1. TURKEY IN yorkie chefGENERAL

… is going to definitely give your Morkie diarrhea!  Why chance it?  The skin itself, which is extra greasy, can cause pancreatitis in dogs which in turn can lead to renal failure.  Read more about the symptoms at Wikipedia.


I know, lots of people love the RAW food diet which can include raw bones. However, non-fans of the diet say that even when bones are uncooked, they can splinter and cause extreme intestinal problems.  And cooked bones – deadly.  Really. More from Dr. Mercola on bones.


Really? Your dog drinking. Very bad idea in particular for the small dogs such as Morkies.  Animals process alcohol differently that we do and the results are highly toxic.  And remember, not all alcohol comes via drinks….. think of rum-soaked cakes and more.  Signs your Morkie maybe had some alcohol – extreme lethargy, smell of alcohol, hypothermia (low body temperature) and seizures.  You need to contact the Poison Hotline nearest  you right away, or check Pet Poison Hotline here.

Be sure to remind your guests to keep food and drinks where your Morkie can’t get to them.  And enjoy Thanksgiving, and the gift of pets.