There are three ways that you can help prevent your Morkie from getting diabetes… and you definitely want to avoid canine diabetes. But good news, many diabetic dogs go into remission by getting their diet, supplements, and exercise all in good order.


control canine diabetes

1. Lower the carbohydrates

Infographic showing all the risk factors for canine diabetes: breed, age, gender, weight, diet and toxins.


Dog foods sold in big box stores contain as much as 98% carbohydrates! Carbs can not only trigger blood sugar swings, and ultimately diabetes, but they can keep your dog overweight. That’s another key risk in becoming diabetic.

Reducing the amount of carbs in your dog’s daily meals, can go a long way towards diabetes prevention.

Diet is especially important for dogs that are genetically at risk for diabetes. Fortunately that’s not Yorkies, Maltese or Morkies… but there’s no point in tempting fate.

(By the way, Golden Retrievers are most at risk to get diabetes.)


2. Talk to a holistic Veterinarian 

Ask about natural supplements for your Morkie’s immune system. Many dog owners miss this important step in preventing diabetes. Supplementing with organic products such as antioxidants and herbs for the immune system can go a long way to help prevent diabetes.

Along the same lines as natural prevention, it is important that your Morkie isn’t over-vaccinated.  Too many vaccines in his system can cause toxins to build up in the animal’s system, which in turn can trigger diabetes.

Flea tick treatments can also trigger diabetes by putting the body in a toxic state. By keeping your Morkie clean of these chemicals and toxins you are helping his immune system stay healthy.


3. Exercise!

It is sad to see so many diabetic dogs out there who don’t need to be.  But being overweight and under-exercised makes it almost inevitable.

This of course is your direct responsibility. If your dog is a couch potato and gains weight, he can develop diabetes even if he is not a breed that is genetically at risk.

It doesn’t take much. Just 20 minutes of brisk walking once or twice a day is all your Morkie needs for optimum health and to keep him in good shape. If you can go jogging with your dog, even better. And it doesn’t hurt you either!