It’s a good question. If you’ve got a Morkie, Yorkie or Maltese, chances are your little buddy has at least a sweater or coat or two. Most toy dogs need some kind of protection against cold and wet weather. Even in warmer climates, they sometimes need protection from sunburn since their hair along the spine is thinner.

But what about dresses? Pajamas? Ballerina outfits?

Bella-in-bee-suitCrazy? Definitely.

Fun? Maybe. If your dog doesn’t mind and is comfortable wearing T-shirts, a sweater or something fancier, why not.

I joke with my friends that my little dog with no clothes is “naked” and that’s “very inappropriate.” And yeah, she has clothes. A lot of clothes. She has a Burberry coat. I shop at Target.

What do you think? Should small dogs wear clothes? Am I totally insane or am I just enjoying my toy dog to the max?

bad-to-the-bone  American Flag Dog Shirt_small



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