Want to know if your Morkie or other small dog is healthy?  Here are 5 easy ways to quickly check…


1. Feel his body

  • gently run your hands all over your dog’s body to check for lumps, bumps or cuts
  • any signs of discomfort? Is your dog trying to tell you something that doesn’t feel good?

2. Check his food dish

  • is your dog eating the same amount of food as usual?
  • although animals may eat less in warm weather, any big change is a reason to keep a close eye on your pet

check your dogs health

3. Walking ok?

  • is your Morkie out of breath after a walk? huffing and puffing? coughing?
  • any signs of limping or painful joints?

4. Track his weight

  • it can be hard to accurately weigh a small dog
  • it’s worth investing in baby scales to keep track of your Morkie’s weight
  • gains or losses can be a good indicator that  something’s not right
  • A good quality digital baby scale like this one is available from Amazon.com for $59.99


Check your Morkie’s nose; it’s a signpost to good health

5. The nose knows

  • check your Morkie’s nose; it should be moist and slightly cool
  • excess discharge or sneezing can be a sign of allergies or illness
  • (did you know you can give your Morkie Benedryl?)


Three online symptom checkers

Pets WebMD Symptom Checker

Just enter your dog’s symptoms here for more information.

Vets for Pets

Good information on potential health problems and your dog.

PetCare RX Symptom Checker

Check symptoms here.