tink valentine 2011You probably don’t doubt that your Morkie loves you. But did you know there’s scientific evidence now, to back that up?

A recent MRI study shows, through an examination of brain waves, that a different part of the brain is activated when dogs interact with their humans. It’s the area of the brain that controls positive emotion.

Another study, this one from Duke University, demonstrated that when dogs are totally focused on their humans, unique “love hormones” (oxytocin and vasopressin) are released in their brains. Likewise, we humans show increased levels of love hormones when we’re playing with our dogs.

Anderson Cooper was doing a special on dogs, his in particular, and had a nice observation: “when they stare at us, dogs are hugging us with their eyes.”  Interesting to note: dogs are the only non-primate animal to look humans in the eye.

Proof points that show your Morkie loves you

And when your dog is nervous or afraid, for example a  thunderstorm is coming, who does he run to? You! All other animals run away when they experience fear.

More signs your dog loves youyawning yorkie puppy stock

  1. does your dog cuddle up after eating?
  2. does your Morkie insist on sleeping with you?
  3. is your Morkie happy to see you when you come home?
  4. does your dog seem to know when you’re sad?

These are all signs of affection and love.

On the other hand there are skeptics like veterinarian Fred Metzger, of Pennsylvania State University. His view is the dogs are manipulators who know what works for them. When they appear to “love” us, they know they get more attention and treats.

Whichever your view, hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with your family and friends… and YOUR MORKIE!