When to call the vet

Your Veterinarian can literally be a lifesaver for your Morkie, and a tremendous resource for you.

Take the time to find one whose style meshes with yours and who has good experience with small dogs.

Here are some tips on picking one who suits you:

1. Don’t wait until you really need a Vet

  • ask friends and neighbors to recommend an animal doctor
  • visit some nearby clinics – friendly? busy but not frantic? clean?
  • check any online references or comments about local clinics you’re considering
  • have any complaints been filed about this practice? Any kudos?

2. Arrange to meet the Vet

  • a brief meeting to introduce yourself (without your Morkie) can go a long way
  • you’ll see if your styles mesh, and confirm that the Veterinarian enjoys and is well- trained in small dog care (many Vets specialize)
  • jot down your questions ahead of time

3. Make an appointment for your Morkievet with yorkie puppy and little girl

  • assuming all has gone well, the next step is to take your Morkie in for a brief checkup or wellness assessment
  • however, if you’re not 100% comfortable, go with your gut feel and keep looking
  • again, don’t wait until there’s a big emergency to introduce your dog to the Veterinarian 
find out what the fees are for various procedures so you’re not shocked when the bill comes

Some questions you might ask

Checklist for dogs
What is available for 24-hour emergency care? (Note the number now)

In an emergency overnight situation, will someone be at the clinic non-stop? 
Ask if the office accepts insurance plans if you have one, or credit cards or payment plans if you don’t.

Does the doctor refer very difficult cases to colleagues who may have more experience in that area?

Is the clinic is equipped to handle x-rays, blood work and other diagnostics? (to potentially save you time, hassle and money).

Do they offer discounts for multiple pets from the same household? For senior owners?

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