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Maltese-Yorkshire terrier cross dogs wait their turn to have their coats cleaned after the Brant County SPCA rescued 19 of them from a Paris-area home on Tuesday. (Brian Thompson, The Expositor)

Today’s news was very sad: 80 dogs seized in a raid in Paris, Ontario – in what rescue workers called “horrific conditions.”  

19 of those dogs are Morkies.

In the comments below the article, one concerned woman wrote that she had purchased a dog from that very same “breeder” —

OMG. I did buy a puppy from them 5 years ago.. The ad said “pure bred Yorkies” and I bought the last female from her for $450 ….but when I went to get her it was very weird …as the owner met me at the end of the lane with the pup..My mother in law was very suspicious of them then but I figured oh well look at the gorgeous “purebred yorkie ” I have.

One of the top clues you’re dealing with a puppy mill operation, is you can’t see where the pups are raised, or meet their parents.

More clues you’re dealing with a puppy mill?

The “breeder” is local, but no, you can’t visit. Instead, he or she wants to meet at a halfway point, a mall or car-park (or like this case, down the driveway!)

You can visit – but you see 3 or more different dog breeds running around. This is a red flag that the breeder isn’t committed to one breed or hybrid and is just breeding whatever dogs she has around in order to make money.

Dirty or stinky facilities. Genuine breeders love their dogs and put their care first. The home and puppy area should be clean and tidy and a safe environment for the puppies and parents.

not a good sign

Not a good sign

Hand painted signs on the road, advertising puppies for sale.

Puppies are always available, and the breeder will let you take one at Christmas, Easter, etc. No good breeder will release a puppy during these high-stress times and no responsible breeder always has a handy supply of puppies.

Stay away from anyone who’s selling puppies at a public place like a flea market, yard sale, swap meet or pet store, or out of the back of a pickup truck, car or van.

Be suspicious of the breeder who doesn’t demand that you spay or neuter your puppy. A genuine breeder will ask you to sign an agreement that your dog will NOT be bred.