Morkies have barking in the blood – half Yorkie and half Maltese

Morkies were born to bark – half Yorkie (BIG barkers) and half Maltese, Morkies have barking in their blood.  But I found a fast, easy and almost free way to control crazy barking.

It doesn’t hurt or traumatize the dog, and it really worked…. for me anyway!  Try it yourself and let me know how it goes.

Goal: interrupt the behavior around barking

All I do is give my dog a little squirt from a small water gun – nothing excessive. It gets her attention, and she stops mad barking.

1 watergun

A quick squirt can interrupt your dog’s behavior long enough that he stops barking.

At the same time, I say firmly (but not angrily) NO BARK.

She quickly learned the NO BARK command and all I have to do now is SHOW the water gun!

You can pick up a bunch of cheap water guns at the dollar store and keep them all over the house. Very handy and for me at least, very effective.

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