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Next time you’re having a party or other event and someone asks, “what can I bring?” you could say “please bring nothing; however I will be accepting donations to support (my local humane society’s name)”

Collect donations for your humane society or shelter

Instead of another bottle of wine or flowers that will die in a few days, why not suggest that if they wish, guests bring:

  • a bag of dog kibble
  • canned kitten food
  • clumping kitty litter
  • gift cards to pet or grocery stores
  • quality toys – suggest Kong brand
  • Wet Cat food
  • Dry kitten and cat food

Some other ways you can help?

Don’t worry about what to give as a wedding favour – let your guests know that you’ve made a donation to your humane society in lieu of party favours.

Birthday party?  Instead of gifts you don’t need, suggest donations – monetary or otherwise.  This is a GREAT idea for today’s children who have everything.

Some guidelines

Here are some great suggestions from The Knot, a leading wedding and engagement advice site.

Don’t print up cards for every guest, or cards for every place setting; that’s making too big a deal of it (“look how great we are!”)  Instead mention it once, or make up one subtle sign for near the entrance or the bar, and leave it at that.

Don’t say the donation is being made “in your name” – because what if that person doesn’t care at all about your causes? Instead, make it “in lieu of ….”  For example, for a a birthday, “In lieu of gifts, if you’d like to bring one of these things for our local humane society, (guest of honor) would certainly appreciate it.” Then list the kinds of items you’re trying to collect.

As The Knot suggests,

“Do not put anything about the donation being “in honor of” your guests or in their name.  First of all, it gives the impression that you have now publicly linked your guest’s name to a charity that they had no say it, which is rude at best and can be REALLY bad if it’s a charity they oppose.  And secondly, it’s a lie.  The charity does not need or ask for a list of your guests’ names.”

And above all, don’t let these details derail you from doing a really good thing for animals.

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