Are you thinking of getting a “Teacup” Morkie? They’re so tiny and adorable, who wouldn’t want one? But before you decide, please read up on so-called teacups, teensiest or baby dolls and the problems in “miniaturizing” dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese and Morkies.

a yorkie puppy in a teacup

National kennel clubs worldwide set out the breed standards for all purebred dogs, and those standards state that the Yorkshire Terrier is “ideally four to seven pounds.”

Even professional dog handlers who show Yorkies for a living prefer their dogs around five or six pounds.

The Maltese dog is ideal at “five to seven pounds.”

So you can see both breeds are roughly the same size – so should the Morkie, their crossbreed.

While many people think that the “teacup” is a separate breed, it is not a recognized size or breed. These dogs are simply smaller versions of the “regular” Yorkshire Terrier and, sadly, are often sickly dogs with health complications that can lead to a shorter life.

Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese are already a very small and fragile breed, but with a dog under 4 pounds, the dangers are magnified. When Yorkies are too small – under four pounds – owners face at least five serious problems, including difficulty feeding and house-training and sudden low blood sugar that can lead to shock and even death!

One of the big concerns in a super small dog is how fragile it is.

The bones of a “teacup” are extremely fragile; a jump from the couch or other pets in the household can seriously injure the super-tiny dog. Their bones are so fragile that they can break by jumping off furniture, falling off a bed, being stepped on or worse. Of course, these very small dogs are not suitable for children.

introducing the new puppy to your family

 Super tiny teacup Morkies are not sturdy enough for children. This one is about 6 pounds, ideal for a careful child.

Besides very fragile bones, the “teacup’s” organs are often underdeveloped and can suddenly fail.

Mother dogs who are purposely bred because they are very small, often die from cardiac arrest while giving birth, which is a good indicator that this is not a healthy weight. Plus, even the smallest sign of illness must be taken very seriously, so “teacup” owners can expect to spend much time and money at the veterinarian’s.

With proper care and nutrition, a “teacup” lives five to seven years. That’s well below the average life expectancy of a regular Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese – which is 12 to 15 years or more.

Some of the smaller “teacups” weigh less than 2 pounds and may live only three or four years, another consideration before deciding on one.

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