A pet cam can be a good purchase if you’re away from home a lot. A two-way audio connection will help your dog adjust, and may help relieve his canine separation anxiety.

Plus with a pet cam, you can keep an eye on him and see if he’s misbehaving. But to correct him, you’ll have to catch him in the act, or he won’t know why he’s being scolded.

Pros and Cons of a Pet Cam

Pet Cam Pros

  • you can keep an eye on your Morkie during the day
  • you’re on top of any unusual behavior
  • you can see if your Morkie is not well/acting sick
  • some users have averted disasters thanks to the camera (like a dog who just started a kitchen fire — watch for the fire in this video at about 1:00)


Pet Cam Cons

  • the frustration of technology
  • incompatible devices
  • data usage on your phone?
  • owner’s expectations of the pet cam are too high
  • the danger that you become a helicopter parent to your Morkie and obsessed with watching him while you’re out


Watch this little YorkiePoo singing for the camera on the family’s Furbo

What to look for in a Pet Cam


Here are some of the most common features in a pet cam. Like anything else, the more features, the more expensive the unit will be.

  • biggest decision – do you want the device to toss treats?
  • picture quality – look for 1080 which most devices have (unless they’re very cheap)
  • two-way audio
  • live streaming or not?
  • do you want two-way video?
  • pan, zoom, and tilt features on the camera
  • night vision
  • what kind of warranty does the unit have?
  • is it compatible with your phone platform (iOS or Android) and will it work with Alexa, Amazon Echo or other virtual assistants?


7 Top Pet Cams - Compared

To monitor your Morkie, you can pick a specific PET CAM, a household security camera or make pet monitoring part of a home-wide system, such as NEST.

Furbo and Petcube are two of the most popular brands in pet cams. (They have been updated, so be sure to look for the latest version, or get an earlier version at a discount.)

There are other manufacturers who make a good pet cam too.  At about $40, cheaper models don’t have treat tossing; they’re more for your own viewing fun. Furbo is a treat tosser plus, while PetCube has some other advantages, but no treat tossing.

For the ULTIMATE in pet cams, or should we say, pet nannies, check out the PetChatz HD unit at the bottom. Wow!

Wyze Cam with 2-way audio – no treat tossing

This pet cam (Version 2) has good picture quality (1080p HD) and Night Vision

  • 2-Way Audio
  • Free Cloud
  • for iOS and Android (US Version)
  • under $30 at Amazon

Tooge Dog Camera WiFi Pet Camera – no treat tossing

  • Two-way audio
  • superior night vision
  • pan and tilt ability
  • motion detector – movement alarm is available (no barking alarm)
  • doesn’t support MAC
  • around $40 at Amazon

Motorola Pet Camera FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD  – no treat tossing

This home security camera has excellent HD picture quality and Infrared Night Vision

  • 2-Way Audio with high sensitivity microphone
  • Motion-triggered snapshots
  • for all devices
  • Hubble available – to save recordings and stream live at no additional cost
  • under $60 at Amazon

Petzi Treat Camera – with treat tossing

Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

  • 1-Way Audio – you can speak to your pet but you can’t hear him
  • capture photos and share 
  • for iOS and Android (US Version)
  • good quality pictures; can operate in low light
  • around $85 at Amazon

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Doesn’t toss treats, but has a fun interactive laser toy – “see, talk and play laser tag”

  • laser game can be  set automatically or you can control it
  • 2-Way Audio
  • high-quality video
  • receive motion and sound alerts so you can check on what’s happening at home
  • Free Cloud storage and available permanent recording storage with optional PetCube Care membership
  • for iOS and Android (US Version) and compatible with Alexa
  • around $200 at Amazon

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

You might have seen this one on Ellen; she loves it.

  • #1 seller in pet cameras
  • treat tosser – use Furbo treats or your own
  • Full HD camera and Night vision
  • live-streaming available
  • wide-angle view and 4X zoom
  • 2-way chat and real-time barking alert
  • $200 at Amazon

The ULTIMATE pet cam with VIDEO, treat tossing, aromatherapy and more!

PetChatz HD – 2-way audio AND visual plus treat tosser

This is the premier pet cam of all – it features VIDEO, audio and Dog TV, aromatherapy and lots more! A complete interactive experience with:

  • two-way video chats
  • treat dispensing
  • calming aromatherapy
  • brain (treat) games
  • pet-to-parent messaging (with PawCall available for an extra monthly cost)
  • streaming DOGTV
  • for iOS, Android and desktop
  • $400 at Amazon – but it is often on sale. (Right now, $319)

available at Amazon