Yes even our darling Morkies poop, so we need poop bags if we’ve taught our Morkie to go outside.

Lots of us scrounge around for a used grocery bag, but they’re getting rarer these days, not to mention thinner! Plus they don’t degrade in a landfill like the best dog poop bags.

What makes for a good dog poop bag, and are some brands better than others?

What makes for a great poop bag?

  • It’s gotta be sturdy enough, durable and reliable.
  • The poop bag should be fast and easy to dispense.
  • No pinholes that grow into unfortunate tears.
  • The stock should be reasonably new since biodegradable stuff doesn’t last forever on store shelves like Twinkies do.
  • And of course, there’s no point spending more than necessary.

Biodegradable, compostable or flushable?

Poop bags are available with features like:

  • scent
  • special colors and designs
  • handles
  • a free scoop
  • in a mitten shape to fit your hand
  • with dispensers that clip on a leash or your belt
  • bags that can be safely flushed

Yikes! Is it just me or is this the most ridiculous idea ever? A torturous looking device is clipped on the dog’s tail, holding a bag tight to his rectum. When the dog poops, the bag collects the results. The owner pops the bag off with another special device, seals it and puts a new one on.

piqapoo dog waste bags

Update on poop bags from

YIKES! Writer Elisabeth Geier has some important insights into biodegradable poop bags — many are NOT what they say. Read more.

You gotta be kidding!!!! #$@!!


stepping in dog poop

Yes, there are STILL some people who DON'T pick up

Hard to believe in this age of doorbell cameras, and surveillance on every corner, but there are some people who prefer to poop and pretend (it never happened) instead of poop and scoop. 

The problem is, even a tiny dog like a Morkie can generate plenty of noxious germs, bacteria, and pathogens including E.coli and salmonella.

It’s not like cow fertilizer that can be aged a bit then put to good use in a veggie garden. Dog waste, made up of so much protein, is so strong it can actually burn your grass, not make it grow.

And then there are those parasites. Your Morkie doesn’t necessarily have worms, but if he doesn’t, they don’t just die because they’re now living on the grass or sidewalk. They can actually live in the soil for years, passing along to other animals and to people.

Top ranked dog poop bags

Buying in Bulk

Set it and forget it. Order the basic poop bag, in BULK. Here are the best deals in quality bags and plenty of ’em.

AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags

With dispenser and leash clip. $14.00 for 900 at

Gorilla Supply Pet Poop Bags

With a free dispenser. $14.74 for 1,000 at

Anbers Dog Waste Bags, Poop Bags

Includes 2 dispensers. 1,200 for $16.67 at

Specialized dog poop bags

With features for your every need. 

OUT! Dog Waste Pickup Bags

OUT! Dog Waste Pickup Bags

Larger, rainbow color bags. With freed dispenser. 750 for $20.49 at

Pogi’s Poop Bags with Easy-Tie Handles

Large, earth-friendly bags with handles. 900 bags for $35.99 at

PetLoft Environment-Friendly Poop Bags

Tissue-style dispensing design stays neat. Lemon-scented. 600 for $17.95 at


In Trumpworld, everyone’s a dog. So why not get orange Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags, from Woof Woof Pets.

Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags – Woof Woof Pets

In classic orange of course! 60 bags for $9.99 from

Donald Trump Dog Toy

How about a Donald Trump dog toy? At, along with Putin dog chew toy, Hilary and Bill and the whole gang!

Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Pick Up Bag

Thick 2-ply construction. Each mitt is 13″ x 9″ 200 for $22.40 from


Solar LIGHT N’ Dog Bag Dispenser

Accent light for your yard when mounted on a fence or staked in the ground. Conveniently dispenses doggie waste bags.
$18.95 at