Morkie dressed as a Ty Toy

Here’s a really fun costume: make a big TY tag and attach it to your Morkie’s collar.

Here’s the best small dog Halloween costume – and it’s fast, easy and do-it-yourself! Another big plus  – even if your Morkie is costume-phobic this shouldn’t bother.  Enjoy!

Here are a couple of ways to make YOUR Morkie an adorable toy… complete with free templates to download.

First, big shout-out to for this pattern for a large Ty ticket pattern. Just download, and add your own words and output it — or simply trace it, at the appropriate size for your Morkie.   Take a look at it by clicking here: Pugdemonium.

What you’ll need:

-the template (download at Pugdemonium)
-red paper

-gold or tan paper

-white paper
-a pencil
-a hole punch (don’t have one? a large darning needle can work)


Here is another set of diagrams and directions – this one from an earlier AboutMorkies post. Enjoy!
(To print or download, just click the arrow at the top, far right)

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