Looking for a unique and easy Halloween dog costume? Here’s one that’s a hit – a Beanie Baby dog costume.

Teddie, a 2-year-old Maltese-Pomeranian mix, is all set for Halloween with her costume which is a simple Beanie Baby tag. Here’s how to make yours.

Make your Morkie baby into a BEANIE® BABY with this easy Ty tag

Riley Liebel shows how to make a fabric tag on her blog MilkPolka

Fabric Ty Tag for your Dog

How to make a Ty Beanie Baby Tag

You can make a paper or cardboard Ty tag to look a lot like the real thing – in proportionate size or way bigger.

Riley Liebel shows how to make a fabric tag

Or try one in a fabric that will last longer. On her crafting blog MilkPolka, Riley Liebel has helpful instructions for making a fabric Beanie tag out of red felt that’s sooo cute!

You can also download this simple PDF template free from AboutMorkies.

A little Beanie Baby Trivia

Ty Warner, a pretty shady businessman, released the first Beanie Babies in 1991 and they were a real flop.

His idea was, get a true collectible, for just $5. Warner didn’t give up and after a few more false starts, Beanie Babies were relaunched around 2000 and over the next decade, he made more than $6 BILLION from our mania for Beanies!

Kids carried around garbage bags stuffed to the top with Beanies; adults got into fistfights over them in stores and one man was even shot to death over one in New Jersey. By 1999, the bubble had burst: there were just too many around to be valuable any more.

Mystic Baby Unicorn Ty Toy

Mystic Unicorn Beanie Baby in perfect shape sells for about $6,000 today.


Read the fascinating story of the Beanie Baby Bubble, by Zac Bissonnette.   The Amazing Story of How America Lost Its Mind Over a Plush Toy–and the Eccentric Genius Behind It