Feeding your Morkie right is vital. That’s because you can’t afford to fill up his tiny stomach with junkie food or unnecessary calories.

To stay healthy and happy, your Morkie needs protein, a good source of fat, some carbohydrates and key vitamins and minerals. And of course, these ingredients must be in the right ratio – too much of one or the other can be unhealthy.

What’s the best food for your Morkie?

When it comes to feeding your Morkie, there are so many choices.  It can be difficult to try to decide what’s best. And the more you read the more confusing it can get.  This is my personal recommendation based on research and experience with small dogs. It works well with picky eaters too.

recommended foods

This combination of good quality commercial food (both dry and canned) plus some raw treats and occasionally my own (dog food) cooking, has kept my dogs healthy and lively for many years.  Two of my Maltese lived past their 16th birthdays and I attribute a good diet to a large part of that. And plenty of kisses of course 🙂

If you’re new to small dogs, you might not know this: make dietary changes very slowly. Otherwise you’ll pay. With diarrhea mostly, but often vomiting too. If your Morkie does have an occasional upset stomach, you might find Pepto-Bismol does the trick.



The author of this blog is not a trained dog health professional. It is the reader’s responsibility to consult with a licensed, practicing Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) (or equivalent in your country) before making any changes to your method of feeding, grooming or any other matter of dog care for any dogs for which you have any responsibility or contribute, in any way, to his or her care. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own Veterinarian.