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Written with substantial research and years of personal experience, author Deb Gray has a positive and refreshing approach to dog care, from one dog lover to another.

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At last, a positive and refreshing approach to dog care, from one dog lover to another.


7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get a Morkie

If you’re thinking of getting a Morkie, you probably have lots of questions.

  • For example, are Morkies good for families with children?
  • Do Morkies get along with other dogs? With cats?
  • What do Morkies eat?
  • Are they easy to house train?
  • Where can I find a good quality puppy, one that’s not from a puppy mill?
  • How much is a Morkie?

SMALL DOG EXPERT Deb Gray answers these questions and more in her free, 19-page report: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Get a Morkie (PDF file)

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Mega-Guide to Everything MORKIE

The complete guide to raising a happy, healthy Morkie!

Whether you’re just thinking of getting a Morkie, or you’re a dedicated Morkie parent, this is the ebook you need: the complete guide to raising a happy, healthy Morkie.

The Mega-Guide is a practical, easy-to-read manual. It’s packed with useful information about the unique needs of the adorable Morkie, with chapters on Morkie temperament, nutrition, exercise, training, grooming, and the special health care needs of small dogs.

Indispensable to Morkie parents, this comprehensive guide has the latest on small dog care, written from one dedicated pet lover to another. 300+ pages. ALL NEW IN 2018. (PDF file)

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The Yorkie, Morkie and Maltese: Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

Are you looking for an affectionate, smart and loyal little dog that doesn’t shed?  In this book, you can read up on the popular Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese dogs, along with their crossbreed the Morkie. All three have hair, not fur like most dogs so they are good for people with allergies.

This information-packed ebook compares each breed and outlines the pros and cons of each, along with what to expect. If you’re thinking about a small dog that doesn’t shed, then this is the book for you, with details about three favorites: the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese dog or the Morkie.

Read it today and discover which small dog is perfect for you! (PDF file)

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Read this First

Before you get a Morkie

7 Things You Need to Know

Do you know what to expect with a Morkie, the adorable Yorkie-Maltese mix?

Like any breed, this crossbreed has its pluses and minuses.

For example, the Morkie can bark a lot and he can be hard to housetrain. The Yorkie side gives the Morkie extra spunk, while the centuries-old Maltese breed adds a touch of elegance.

Download this short ebook today at Amazon if you’re thinking about a new dog.  

50 Best Blog Posts

All About Morkies

A designer dog that’s half purebred Yorkshire Terrier and half purebred Maltese dog, the Morkie is one of today’s most popular trending breeds. And no wonder – the Morkie is a cute little dog that doesn’t shed and is an affectionate, smart, loyal companion.

In this book, small dog expert Deb Gray has compiled 50 of the most popular blogs from her website AboutMorkies. Perfect whether you’re just thinking about getting a Morkie, or you’re already a seasoned Morkie parent. Read more at Amazon.

In just minutes a day

Groom Your Morkie at Home

Wouldn’t you love to be able to groom your Morkie yourself, right at home? This Kindle book tells you what you need to know to keep your Morkie’s hair long and luxurious in just minutes a day.

Ditch the puppy cut – and groom your Morkie yourself.

Read more at Amazon.


for Raising a Happy, Healthy Dog

Everybody wants a happy, healthy dog!

This Kindle book offers you the kind of helpful tips and information that you need to raise a happy, healthy canine companion.

With 50 cheat sheets on dog raising, from the truth about non-shedding dogs to how to handle diarrhea attacks, this book cuts right to the point on 50 important topics for today’s dog parent.

Read More

Ticks on Dogs:

Small Dog Nightmare

Small dog lovers – do you know what’s worse than ticks on your dog?  COMMERCIAL TICK TREATMENTS!

At least 1,600 dogs have died needlessly in the past 5 years thanks to spot-on flea and tick treatments. It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t happen. The hardest hit: dogs under 20 pounds.

Tick and flea products can be deadly. Read this Kindle book and learn how to fight back.

See more at Amazon.

Coming Soon

Did you know that 1 in 4 dogs dies of cancer?

What’s that got to do with shampoo you wonder? Skin is a dog’s biggest organ, and some shampoos can be irritating or downright deadly.

Pet shampoo flies under the radar of government regulation and most laws, so toxic (low cost) ingredients can make their way into products. This includes formaldehyde, by-products from crude oil and hormone-disrupters. No wonder skin irritations and problems are the #2 reason for visits to the Vet.

Read about which ingredients to watch for in grooming products, which brands to avoid and how to make your own, much better, shampoo at home.

COMING JUNE 1, 2019.

Available in Kindle and print editions.


 We have no idea we are poisoning our best friends.

Dog food recalls are an everyday thing – Salmonella, E-coli or bits of metal from machines.

But now, there is indisputable proof that some brands contain euthanized dogs and cats!

It’s time to take control of how and what you feed your dog.

stop feeding this shit to your dogIn this explosive expose, you’ll find out how to spot bad foods by reading the label. You’ll get BRAND NAMES of the best and worst foods on the market (Hint: the more the manufacturer advertises, the worse the food probably is.)

COMING JUNE 30, 2019.

Available in Kindle and print editions.

Is it me or is my dog really weird?

Along with family, dogs are probably our closest companions. So you probably wonder why they do crazy things like eating grass, sniffing each other’s butts and following you to the bathroom. Every. Time.

Why do dogs lick us so much? How can they sniff out cancer? Why chase your own tail? How come the vacuum terrifies them?

And why oh why do they eat poop??

These and other perplexing mysteries are answered with humor and precision in this fun volume.

 Coming soon.

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More about the author

Are YOU tired of all the fake pet advice out there?

♦  coverups and lies from pet food manufacturers

  constant recalls of contaminated dog food and treats

♦  drug treatments, like spot-on tick prevention, that’s actually worse than the problem itself

♦  the growth of the vaccination industry – from rabies and a couple of other shots, to literally 17 possible vaccines

But who can you believe?

When it comes to nutrition advice, do you ask your Vet?  He SELLS pet food.

Online puppy sales are mostly frauds.

Big Pharma can sell pet medications and vaccines with minimal oversight from any responsible group.

What about the cranks promoting natural cures, energy healing, and holistic nonsense? They’re the fake gurus who are promoting their own line of ridiculous “organic” products, for big profits.

About small dog expert Deb Gray

Author Deb Gray is a pet lover like you, who’s tired of misinformation and out-and-out B.S. when it comes to dog care.

She’s not trained as a pet care professional; she’s not a Vet and she’s not connected to any pet food companies or pharmaceuticals.

Deb is a self-taught expert in small dog care. In her studies, she’s uncovered the information you’ll find interesting, helpful and even shocking. She writes about it in a clear, concise style, without medical jargon or hype. So you are armed with information to make up your mind yourself.

Deb is dedicated to presenting the facts to other dog lovers, so they can avoid the heartbreak of over-vaccination, terrible food and misleading medicines. Her style is approachable and easy to understand.”

— Greer A. Cunningham, reader


 Contact Deb


Deb is not a veterinarian. She is not trained in animal science. She is not an expert advisor from a pet food company or Big Pharma.

She’s simply a regular consumer, like you, who is fed up with the lies we’re told by the pet industry.

No hidden agenda

She has sifted through thousands and thousands of pages of research, and talked to hundreds of people.

In her short books, she presents straightforward, jargon-free information so that you can make up your own mind, and make the best choices for your small dog.  

Contact Deb here.


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