Every year. Without fail. We hear of dog deaths from hot cars. Even with the window down, your pet can overheat to the point of death, in just minutes. Small dogs like Morkies are even more susceptible since their body mass is much smaller. So why does this continue to happen?

We underestimate just how hot the car can get

At 41C (106F) your dog will suffer from irreparable brain damage or death.

A car is live an oven


We don’t understand how dogs deal with heat

Unlike us, dogs have very limited ability to cool themselves down. They don’t sweat – except a small amount from their paw pads. A dog’s normal body temperature is 39 degrees centigrade, or 102 degrees Fahrenheit. In a car or truck that’s superheated in just minutes to 7 degrees, they don’t have a chance.

dogs and hot cars

The excuses

Besides, “I cracked the window for him,” we also hear:

It wasn’t that hot for me, or

I wasn’t going to be that long.

People care about their pets. In fact, they care enough to want them with them in the car. They just don’t think.

So if you see a dog locked in a car or truck on a hot day, please take immediate steps. Call the police and the local humane society. I’m not telling you to break a window, but please do whatever it takes to save a life.

No excuses. No hot pets.


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