morkie having a bathYou might be enjoying some time off right now, and think you’ll give your Morkie a bath.

Two really important things to remember:

  • you can’t use your shampoo (not even baby shampoo)
  • please – get dog shampoo that’s “Certified Organic”

Why the fuss?

Simple – a dog’s skin is much thinner than our’s, so anything harsh can harm him. That includes people shampoo which is much stronger than dog shampoo, and it includes poor quality dog shampoo.

“Cancer is the primary cause of death in dogs over the age of two years. Minimizing our dogs’ exposure to harmful environmental factors is critical.”

Just 5% of dog cancers are hereditary, while 95% are a result of environmental toxins.

Since skin is a dog’s biggest organ (and our biggest organ too), it makes sense to take special care in picking products like shampoo. Toxic shampoos are not what we want.


—from the well-regraded DogsNaturallyMagazine online.


how often can i bath my dog

What makes shampoo toxic for dogs?

People shampoos can be toxic because they are too harsh and contain chemicals dogs don’t need. Our skin is FIVE TIMES THICKER than a dogs, so we can handle stronger formulas to clean our hair. Dogs can’t.

Plus, the PH level of dogs skin is close to NEUTRAL (7.5) but our skin is ACIDIC (7.5)

Regular Dog Shampoo

Cheap or regular dog shampoos, even well known brands, can be deadly unless they are clearly marked CERTIFIED ORGANIC. That’s because they contain poisons like:

  • Sulphites/Sulphates
  • preservatives, including those that release formaldehyde into the shampoo
  • artificial colours and fragrances
  • Parabens
  • a group of ammonia-like proteins such as DEA, MEA and TEA,
  • Isopropyl alcohol and mineral oil

Unless the shampoo you buy clearly states CERTIFIED ORGANIC, it’s garbage. Terms like natural, pure, green, naturally-derived and organic have no legally binding meaning.

The production of pet shampoos is a huge business and they are aggressively marketed. The more confused consumers are by labelling, the better.


But you can avoid all this by choosing “CERTIFIED ORGANIC.” These products undergo a great deal of scrutiny. They are verified by neutral third parties who determine that there are no GMO ingredients, no pesticides, herbicides, artificial colours, or artificial fragrance.


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