Dog mom gifts for Morkie Mommies!

Dog mom gifts for Morkie Mommies!

Here’s a whole collection of fabulous MORKIE MOM GIFTS – the perfect gifts for dog lovers on your list!

Dog mom gifts for Morkie Mommies! Jewelry!

Time for a beverage; these gifts for dog lovers are the best!

Dog Mom Shirts and Hoodies

morkie mom shirt

Dog Mom gifts for around the home

Perfect gifts for dog lovers

morkie sign

Top it off with a Dog Mom cap - the perfect gift for dog lovers

Find the best Dog Mom Shirt for Morkie lovers

Low budget, last minute dog costumes

Low budget, last minute dog costumes


It’s almost Halloween and if you’re like 29 million other Americans, you’re planning to dress up your pet. According to the National Retail Federation, those pet costumes will cost consumers $490 million. That’s about double what people spent on costumes for their pets in 2010, just 9 years ago.

If you want to be part of the excitement but don’t have a costume yet, here are some low budget, last-minute ideas to make a Halloween costume for your Morkie.

Low budget, last minute costume ideas for your Morkie

Meet the “Purebred” Morkie!

There are two ways to do this. The first is super easy but it won’t last long.

Cut out the middle, soft part of a piece of bread, just big enough for your Morkie’s face to come through. Ta-da! That’s it.



Turn your Morkie into a “Purebred Wonder Morkie” with this easy-to-make costume.

You’ll need:

  • an empty Wonder bread wrapper
  • a sheet of lightweight, white Bristol board
  • a bit of string or ribbon

This costume is beautifully made with fabric, but you can repurpose a plain old Wonderbread wrapper to make a quick version.

Get an empty Wonder Bread wrapper and cut it lengthwise along the bottom. Lay it out flat on a table, and cut some white Bristol board (lightweight) to fit, leaving about 3” of bread wrapper at end, with no Bristol board. 

how to make a wonder dog

The beautiful  Wonder Bread costume picture abo0ve features square off ends like a real loaf of bread, but we’re just going to leave some extra bag and tie it off. 

Now fold the wrapper/board so that the loaf is squared up on your Morkie. If your dog is really small, cut the Bristol board smaller, leaving more bag at each end.


To finish your costume, just use the string or ribbon to tie off each end.  This version doesn’t use the white Bristol board liner, but I think it looks better white. 


More quick ideas

The ever-pupular Ghost Dog

Simply cut a piece of white fabric to fit around your Morkie (don’t leave anything trailing), and cut out eye holes. You’ll probably need to keep it in place with white ribbon, one piece tied around the body and one tied around the neck.

hersheys kisses costume

The Hershey’s Kisses Doggy

You just need lots of aluminum foil and a name strip for “Hershey’s”

Be sure to leave your Morkie’s legs and feet outside the foil so he can walk.


Need a quick template for the paper strip that says KISSES?  Here’s one to print yourself.


template for kisses

Giant Loofah Puppy

I LOVE this one and it’s so simple.  All you need is lots of Tulle (netting fabric) in blue or any other color that strikes you, and a piece of white rope.  

Run a heavy thread along the long end of the Tulle fabric, then pull it tight to gather the fabric and make it curly. Fasten the thread off then wrap the fabric around your Morkie. Anchor a piece of white rope in the middle with a safety pin.

giant loofah costume

Watchdog Morkie!

Draw a watch face yourself on the back of a paper plate, add a big wide watchband and then attach an elastic and put it around your Morkie. Or download a cool-looking watch face from the web and print it out. Mount on light card and attach it to your Morkie with a band.

No time? Print this Morkie Time watch face.

Minnie Morkie

You’ll need some felt, in red, black and white to make the ears and the beautiful bow.  Add some netting, gathered into a skirt for the final touch.


Here are some specific recommendations: 

minnie mouse costume

angel or devil

Good or Bad Dog?

Gold pipe cleaners are perfect for making a halo; use red felt to cut out devil’s horns. 

Attach with elastic.

Lion King… or Queen 

Make a collar out of a strip of brown felt, measured to your Morkie’s neck plus 4″.

Then glue loops of felt in different browns, to the collar with a hot glue gun.

Glue on some velcro to close the collar once it’s on your little king or queen.

lion puppys.

harry potter

Harry Paw-ter

Pipe cleaners make good geeky glasses here (don’t forget the lightning bolt) and a necktie or orange and brown scarf add up to the perfect little Harry Potter.


Here’s another version:

another harry potter costume

And my fave - the Beany Baby Morkie

How about you? Got your Morkie’s costume ready yet? Please share!

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Dog Halloween Costumes for your Morkie

Dog Halloween Costumes for your Morkie

Halloween isn’t far off so it’s time to think about dog Halloween costumes for your Morkie. Did you know that 29 million pet lovers will dress their fur-babies up this Halloween according to the National Retail Federation?

From Ewoks to the latest DC comic characters, dogs costumes run the full range.

The top three dog Halloween costumes for 2019 are:










After these, popular costumes include the Bumble Bee, Lion, Devil, and Shark.

Dogs dressed as cats, and cats dressed as dogs are also popular in multi-pet households.

CNN recently picked the ‘best’ dog costumes for 2019 and they included a BACON COSTUME for dogs, matching dog and cat TACO COSTUMES, the PUPPY LATTE costume and the UPS DELIVERY DOG.

The dog-as-a-hot-dog costume is always a fave for dog lovers


hot dog costumes for dogs

Top Dog Halloween Costumes for 2019

And no, Candy Corn isn't good for dogs.

It’s not nearly as bad as chocolate or candies with nuts, but candy corn is just too much sugar for your little Morkie.

One of Halloween's favorite candies is almost 100% sugar.

Over 35 million pounds of Candy Corn is made every year for Halloween int he United States but it’s no longer the #1 favorite candy.

That honor goes to M&Ms, overwhelming favorite Halloween candy in 2019. M&Ms get out last year’s #1, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, KitKat (#3) and Snickers #4.

Candy corn has plummeted to #5 in popularity.

Candy corn is made from sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glazes, salt, dextrose, gelatine, sesame oil, artificial flavor, honey, yellow 6, yellow 5 and red 3. It also contains gelatin.


More tips to keep your Morkie safe on Halloween


Dog stress is real on Halloween. If your Morkie doesn’t want to wear a costume, then let him off the hook. Some dogs don’t mind at all but others are anxious and annoyed.

Keep your Morkie safe from dashing out the door when it rings… and rings… and rings. Like July 4th fireworks, Halloween activities can scare dogs and make them run away. The constant door opening is a temptation that’s just too much for some dogs, so keep them safely away from the front door on Halloween.

Chocolate is always a big no-no for dogs. Small dogs are at higher danger because of their size. Chocolate is made with caffeine, bad for dogs and their hearts, but theobromine in chocolate is the real culprit. We can metabolize it quickly but dogs can’t so it can quickly build to toxic levels in a dog’s system. Just half an ounce of dark chocolate can be enough to KILL YOUR MORKIE!

If your Morkie gets over-excited at Halloween, the result can be vomiting, diarrhea, submissive urination or even aggression. Keep your Morkie calm – and safe.

12 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

12 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

Looking for something different to do with your Morkie? Here are 12 ideas to keep you busy on these hot summer days!

1. Take some great doggy pix

2. Make pupsicles

3. Go for a boat ride

4. Do some urban exploring

5. Soft frisbee

6. Dog training lite


7. Swimming
8. Include your Morkie in a wedding
9. Spa Day for Two
10. Go for a long run
11. Stay at a dog-friendly B&B
12. Visit a LUXE doggy store

1. Take some great doggy photos

When you have some time on your hands, that’s when you can get a GREAT photo of your Morkie.  Here are some hints to help you capture the real essence of your Morkie: 

  • Timing is everything. Your dog will be more alert and receptive before dinnertime. After a good walk is another excellent time to take photos; your Morkie will be relaxed and just tired enough to stay still!
  • Avoid flash, which gives your pet that devil-dog appearance, and get down at your Morkie’s level.
  • Use simple, colorful backgrounds without a pattern. If you’re shooting outside, take a quick look at the background. Nothing worse than a telephone pole appearing to grow out of your dog’s head.

cute dog with a toy

Photo credit: Chloe Polka Dog

2. Make pupsicles

Your Morkie will appreciate a frosty cold treat this summer. For frozen yogurt, simply fill an ice cube tray with plain yogurt and pop one out for your Morkie’s dish. (Use a special tray for tiny cubes; they’ll fit your Morkie better.) To make them tastier, mash a ripe banana into the yogurt before freezing.

You can do the same with beef or chicken broth. When the broth is half frozen,  drop a crunchy treat into each cube for extra fun.


Can dogs eat ice cream?

You might give your Morkie some licks from a cone, but generally, dogs don’t digest milk well, and the sugar isn’t good so keep this treat for VERY special occasions.

Here’s a great recipe from for Frozen Meat Treats:


2 cups cooked meat
¾ cup plain low-fat yogurt
A little bit of finely chopped parsley
1 cooked and mashed carrot
3 tablespoons olive oil


Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Spoon mixture into ice cube trays and place in freezer until hard.

The versatility of this recipe makes it a great option for when your pantry’s running low and you don’t feel like going to the store. Carrots and parsley can be replaced with peanut butter, and the meat can come from your leftover dinner.

3. Go for a boat ride

Know someone with a boat? Catch a ride for you and your Morkie… don’t forget his life jacket. Neither Yorkies nor Maltese can swim well, so your Morkie definitely needs a life jacket.

No boaters in your group? You can always rent a paddleboat, canoe or rowboat at your nearest waterfront park.

4. Do some urban exploring, thanks to the help of a doggy stroller


Dog strollers might seem silly until you find yourself in a large city or doing tons of walking in the hot weather.

Then they can really come in handy.

Bonus – you can often wheel your Morkie into a shop, bookstore, etc. without objections from the staff because your dog isn’t running all over the store. And, it’s a great way to keep your Morkie safe and happy if you’re visiting a sidewalk cafe.

Check Amazon for a full range of strollers, from bargains to super deluxe. 

5. Soft frisbee!

Dog frisbee isn’t just for the big guys… small dogs can learn to love it too, with a smaller, soft frisbee.

Look for the flying disc made of fabric, with a soft rounded edge to protect your Morkie’s sensitive mouth. The 7″ Chuckit! available on Amazon, is a smaller frisbee that’s soft yet durable.

 chuckit frisbee for dogs


Check out the smaller, soft dog frisbee on Amazon, from Chuckit!



6. Dog Training Lite

Do some fun training with your Morkie, or try a Fun Meet in your area. Fun Meets are dog shows that are heavy on fun and light on serious rules. You could win, for example, for the Kissingest Morkie.

For more on training, head over to YouTube and check out “Easy Dog Tricks.”

7. Swimming

Since a Morkie’s parents, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese, aren’t known to love water, never force your Morie to take a dip. that said, lots of Morkies do love swimming, so give it a try!

8. Include your Morkie in wedding

Yours or a friends, nothing glams up wedding pix like a well dressed Morkie!

More on dogs in weddings in my blog here.

9. Spa Day for Two


But relaxing Morkie in a pink robe, pretending to be at a spa

A nice warm bath and dog massage for your Morkie, and a homemade facial for you… before you know it, it’s SPA Day at home!

Lots of great ideas at

10. Go for a long run

An estimated 52% of dogs are obese nowadays, so exercise is always a good thing. If possible, find a nice open field that’s fenced it and let your Morkie have a good run. He probably won’t need much encouragement, but if he does, you can always tag along beside him.

Should your Morkie be a running partner for you? Not really. Small dogs don’t have the size to maintain a good pace, and your Morkie may not be strong enough. Plus, they can be prone to slipping knee syndrome (Patella Luxation) so running every day on a leash with you isn’t ideal.

Don’t forget water breaks.

11. Stay at a dog-friendly B&B

Check out and you’ll find hundreds of fabulous B&Bs that welcome dogs, all around the world. These places are beautiful, and offer a true, all family vacay for you and yours.

More here: 

Some of the gorgeous properties on Bring Fido: dog-friendly B&Bs


dog friendly B&Bs

12. Visit a LUXE doggy store

Whether it’s Bark & Fitz or Muttropolis, every city has a super posh dog store.

Take your Morkie to one and do some browsing… you’ll find it an eye-opening experience!

From the Swarovski crystal dog bath, at $6,995

Swarovski crystal dog bath


To a genuine Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier at $58,000!

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier at $58,000!

Dog ring bearer – dogs in weddings

Dog ring bearer – dogs in weddings

Including your dog in your wedding is becoming more and more popular. In fact, lots of us love having a dog ring bearer. Here are some tips to make it all go smoothly.

Ways to include your Morkie in your wedding

Besides the popular role of dog ring bearer, here are some other ways you can include your Morkie in your wedding. Naturally, your Morkie should be comfortable around lots of people including kids.


  • Pup of Honor — Walk your Morkie down the aisle with the wedding party. You’ll probably want to use a leash; decorate it to fit your wedding theme.
  • Flower Dog — Your Morkie could carry a small bouquet on a ring pillow, carefully fastened to her back.
  • Honored Guest — If your Morkie is shy, give him a place of honor in the front row, sitting with someone he’s familiar with.

Don't forget to check that your venue allows dogs



What to bring if your Morkie will be at your wedding:

  • a pet sitter
  • wedding day attire
  • a secure place for the rings
  • leash and collar with tags – decorate the leash for an extra touch
  • food, water, and poop bags

Safety Tip

A number of flowers are toxic to dogs, including Lilies and Baby’s Breath. Check the full list here on the ASPCA site.


If your dog can’t be part of the actual wedding, consider:

  • including her in the engagement pictures
  • featuring her as part of the theme on the wedding stationery
  • showcasing her as one of the figures on the cake

Dog on wedding cake

Cake Decor Photo by Jenny DeMarco

dog topper on wedding cake

Rachael Buckley Weddings


If your Morkie can’t take part in your wedding, consider including him on some of the wedding stationery.

Feature your dog on some of the wedding stationery

Include your Morkie in the traditional ‘bridesmaids on a bed’ photo

Bridesmaids on the bed photo, with dog

What your dog should wear to the wedding

beautiful lace wedding dress for dog


wedding party, including dog

 from Hudson Valley Magazine

Yorkie in wedding dress

Available at

What the best-dressed Morkies are wearing

How about donations to your favorite pet charity instead of wedding or shower gifts?

Harry & Meghan started the ball rolling by asking for donations to their charities instead of gifts. 

Charitable donations instead of gifts

Tips to make it work, from


Set your registry up early. From the moment you announce your engagement, friends and family will want to send you gifts.

Make sure you set up your charitable wedding registry (or any registry) early before guests can start shopping.


Include a card with details about your registry with your wedding invitation. It’s good wedding etiquette not to mention gifts on the invitation itself.

However, you could pop in a separate card with a message about why you are choosing charitable donations instead of gifts and including the URL for your charitable wedding registry. Include it on your wedding website too.


Give options. If your guests would like to give to a charity on your behalf, great! However, it’s good to recognize that some may not, and to give them other options (the same goes with any registry — options are important!).

Another couple, who had their dog in their wedding, were able to raise more than $15,000 for the Humane Society of New York.

For Those Who Have It All, Charitable Wedding Registries

Cheap dog toys: why you should avoid them

Cheap dog toys: why you should avoid them

Who doesn’t love the dollar store – but are dog toys from the dollar store safe?

Yes and no, depending on the toy and how it’s made. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate dog toys, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission only regulates pet toys that can be proven to put consumers (people, not dogs) at risk. So when it comes to safety you’re on your own.

What to avoid in dog toys

Rubber Dog Toys: Not Good

Most cheap dog toys are made with rubber from a group of chemicals called Phthalates (pronounced Tha-lates) which increase flexibility and longevity.

Phthalates are everywhere and so is research and articles warning about their health risks. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended they be banned in kid’s products, and a bill was passed in 2014 to restrict their use.

However, products imported from offshore, notably China, aren’t tested especially when they are for pets or general household use. Phthalates are directly linked to:

  • asthma
  • ADD
  • breast cancer
  • obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • behavioral issues
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • altered reproductive development
  • male fertility issues.

Target and Walmart have both initiated programs to reduce or eliminate toxic chemicals from their shelves; this effort is still underway. In the meantime,  avoid rubbery dog toys from dollar stores.

Cheap rubbery toys, like these squeaky toys, can contain poisonous levels of phthalates, already banned in kids’ toys.

avoid dog toys where parts like eyes can be chewed off

Toys with easy to remove parts like eyes

Obviously, dog toys that can be easily chewed apart are not good. Your Morkie could swallow eyes or other small parts and choke on them. Plus stuffing inside could cause intestinal problems, even if it is good quality cotton, which it never is.

Anything with ribbons, separately sewn on eyes, feathers, or small parts should be avoided.

 Rope Toys, Rope Pulls

The thin strands in these rope toys are dangerous to your Morkie’s digestive system if swallowed. Think of hairs building up in the shower drain.

Plus they are treated with chemicals that are toxic, including preservatives and dyes.

frayed shredded rope toy

Cheap rope toys soon disintegrate into individual chemical-laden fibers of unknown origin.

Rawhide chew sticks: bad in sooo many ways

Where to start with rawhide chews?

In a nutshell, Here are the problems with rawhide chew sticks or treats for dogs:


  1. they can contain chemical residue, preservatives, dye, and bleach.
  2. many are contaminated with e-Coli and Salmonella
  3. they get soft when chewed and can easily choke your Morkie.
  4. rawhide chew products especially the ones sold at dollar store outlets may come from the illegal and disgusting international fur trade

The Humane Society of the United States warns that offshore rawhide chews are probably a product of the illegal international fur trade. How so?

More than 100 million animals are killed for fur use each year, and most come from unregulated fur factory farms. Chemical treatment of the skins of animals to make “rawhide” is extremely harsh and can be deadly.

In countries like Korea and China, DOGS ARE PART OF THE ILLEGAL FUR AND MEAT TRADE. So those rawhide chew sticks COULD BE MADE FROM DOG SKIN.

Plus you are unknowingly supporting a very cruel industry.

There’s another danger with rawhide chews; after they’ve been chewed for a while, you’ll notice they get quite soft and slippery. The pieces can get lodged in your Morkie’s throat and choke him.

Is this little guy one of the victims of the illegal fur trade? If so, his hide could end up as a dog chew stick!

Yuuch! How rawhide is made

how rawhide chews are made


Rawhide is a misnomer since the end products are actually made from a middle layer of animal skin. After the cow, horse, pig or whatever is slaughtered, the top layers of the hide are removed for tanning, to become various grades of leather. The fatty bottom layers are removed and processed into ingredients for cosmetics, paint, cleaning ingredients and more.

The remaining middle layer is treated with several caustic baths to remove hair and any blemishes. Then it is bleached again, to make it pure white. After this, the layer of skin is painted and treated with preservative chemicals, then glued and rolled together into chewsticks or other shapes, to be sold to unsuspecting pet owners.

Despite all this processing, chew treats are a serious risk for Salmonella and e-Coli contamination.

Balls for Dog Play

Any toy smaller than a ping pong ball is a serious choking hazard.

I’ll never forget the story about Oprah; one of her beloved Golden Retrievers died right in front of her and the trainer after a tennis ball got lodged in his windpipe. Despite the animal professional nearby, it would not be dislodged.


Tennis Balls aren’t for chewing

It’s not likely a Morkie will be attracted t a tennis ball, but you never know.

tennis balls are not for chewing

This old toy has seen enough use!

Plush Toys from dollar store type outlets

Check the label and see if the toy is rated as safe for children under 3 years old. Chances are this designation won’t be there. Cheap plush toys are easily torn apart, and dogs will eat bits of the plush fabric and stuffing. Sometimes this stuffing is plastic beads, another high-risk product.

If your Morkie has started to rip up the toy, it’s time to throw it out.

Better Alternatives

Ethically-made toys are few and far between and it’s hard to find them. However, there are some. And there are alternatives for your Mokrie:

  • hard rubber toys (think Kong for consistency)
  • Kongs themselves, filled with treats to keep your Morkie busy
  • made in the USA toys
  • “Busy-box” or “feeder” toys are large rubber shapes that can be filled with treats. By moving the cube around with their nose, mouth, and paws, your dog can get to the goodies.
  • an old clothing item of yours, that your Morkie can have in his bed for comfort

Unfortunately for dogs and owners, manufacturing of pet toys relies on the honor system; for less scrupulous companies, it’s trial by error.

–Choosing Safe Dog Toys

Dog clothes: should dogs wear clothes?

Dog clothes: should dogs wear clothes?

Should dogs like Morkies wear clothes? Do they need clothes? Yes and no… read on!

If it’s cold outside, then small dogs and dogs with hair instead of fur, do need a coat or sweater. The Morkie is both, small and blessed with hair, not fur. (It’s why they don’t shed.)

Little dogs need protective clothing when the weather gets cold; a sweater or coat works well for small breed and for breeds with very short hair, such as an Italian Greyhound.

Greyhounds are big dogs – weighing in at about 80 pounds, but you wouldn’t send this guy out in a Canadian winter without a coat.

Remind me – what’s the difference between hair and fur?

Dogs with lots of FUR don’t need help staying warm.

Their two layers of fur – one undercoat of fluffy softness and a top coat of heavy guard hairs – work together to form a thermal layer.

Dogs with hair don’t have that advantage, and probably need a coat in cold weather whether they’re big dogs or small.

style="display:block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-6910305277872535" data-ad-slot="9136050206" data-ad-format="auto">

Cold outside?

Little dogs – and any size dog that has with hair, not fur – all need protection.


In cold weather, all dogs need to wear a winter coat or heavy sweater.


Dogs with fur have a double coat, so they don’t need anything else to stay warm.

Big dogs don’t need a sweater or coat.


Some big dogs don’t have enough fur to keep warm.

In cold weather, all small dogs need a winter coat.


A sweater or coat is always a good idea for a small dog in cold weather

Dogs will get used to wearing clothes if you train them.


If your dog seems uncomfortable in clothes, NEVER force him to wear them

Clothes should fit snug on a dog, so they don’t fall off.


Snug clothes can make hair or fur mat and aren’t comfortable for the dog

Wearing clothes could harm your dog.


Being forced into clothes can make your dog anxious and aggressive.

Other Weather-Wise Wear

Raincoats, Slickers and UV Protection

In heavy rains, a raincoat or slickers can come in handy to keep your Morkie a little drier.

And with harmful rays on our minds today, you can get specially treated clothes that offer UV protection, so your dog’s skin doesn’t get sunburned.

And a regular tshirt or top can help protect against insect bites in summer, or allergies.

Ralph Lauren Dog Raincoat for the pup who has everything.


Hooded Dog Slicker Raincoat with Reflective Band, Amazon.

UV protection for your dog



Overheating in warm weather can be deadly for your dog; and the sun can also do serious burn damage, especially if you get your pup trimmed or shaved down. Sun protective clothing makes real sense in today’s warm world.  More at Amazon.

Just-for-fun Clothes for your Morkie

Pictured above, clothes from

Is there a place for just-for-fun clothes for a dog? 

Go Team Go!

Special Occasions Anyone?

Tailgating parties call for your team’s sport shirt, am I right?

And what about holidays like the 4th of July or Christmas? Don’t they call for a cute outfit?

The Pros and Cons

Dogs Wearing Clothes


  • in cold weather or pouring rain – some clothes can actually provide valuable protection for your dog.
  • some clothing can actually protect your dog from too much sun or from insects and allergies.
  • Because Halloween.
  • just for fun now and then, and if your dog doesn’t mind – why not?
  • People might mistake you for a movie star.


  • canine couture is silly.
  • dogs already have their own coats and can regulate their own temperature.
  • it’s demeaning and could even promote bad behavior (on your part or the dog’s??)
  • your dog isn’t a child; treating him like one can lead to Small Dog Syndrome.

The final word is yours:  what do you think? Should dogs wear clothes?

Best dog camera to monitor your Morkie

Best dog camera to monitor your Morkie

A pet cam can be a good purchase if you’re away from home a lot. A two-way audio connection will help your dog adjust, and may help relieve his canine separation anxiety.

Plus with a pet cam, you can keep an eye on him and see if he’s misbehaving. But to correct him, you’ll have to catch him in the act, or he won’t know why he’s being scolded.

Pros and Cons of a Pet Cam

Pet Cam Pros

  • you can keep an eye on your Morkie during the day
  • you’re on top of any unusual behavior
  • you can see if your Morkie is not well/acting sick
  • some users have averted disasters thanks to the camera (like a dog who just started a kitchen fire — watch for the fire in this video at about 1:00)


Pet Cam Cons

  • the frustration of technology
  • incompatible devices
  • data usage on your phone?
  • owner’s expectations of the pet cam are too high
  • the danger that you become a helicopter parent to your Morkie and obsessed with watching him while you’re out


Watch this little YorkiePoo singing for the camera on the family’s Furbo

What to look for in a Pet Cam


Here are some of the most common features in a pet cam. Like anything else, the more features, the more expensive the unit will be.

  • biggest decision – do you want the device to toss treats?
  • picture quality – look for 1080 which most devices have (unless they’re very cheap)
  • two-way audio
  • live streaming or not?
  • do you want two-way video?
  • pan, zoom, and tilt features on the camera
  • night vision
  • what kind of warranty does the unit have?
  • is it compatible with your phone platform (iOS or Android) and will it work with Alexa, Amazon Echo or other virtual assistants?


7 Top Pet Cams - Compared

To monitor your Morkie, you can pick a specific PET CAM, a household security camera or make pet monitoring part of a home-wide system, such as NEST.

Furbo and Petcube are two of the most popular brands in pet cams. (They have been updated, so be sure to look for the latest version, or get an earlier version at a discount.)

There are other manufacturers who make a good pet cam too.  At about $40, cheaper models don’t have treat tossing; they’re more for your own viewing fun. Furbo is a treat tosser plus, while PetCube has some other advantages, but no treat tossing.

For the ULTIMATE in pet cams, or should we say, pet nannies, check out the PetChatz HD unit at the bottom. Wow!

Wyze Cam with 2-way audio – no treat tossing

This pet cam (Version 2) has good picture quality (1080p HD) and Night Vision

  • 2-Way Audio
  • Free Cloud
  • for iOS and Android (US Version)
  • under $30 at Amazon

Tooge Dog Camera WiFi Pet Camera – no treat tossing

  • Two-way audio
  • superior night vision
  • pan and tilt ability
  • motion detector – movement alarm is available (no barking alarm)
  • doesn’t support MAC
  • around $40 at Amazon

Motorola Pet Camera FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD  – no treat tossing

This home security camera has excellent HD picture quality and Infrared Night Vision

  • 2-Way Audio with high sensitivity microphone
  • Motion-triggered snapshots
  • for all devices
  • Hubble available – to save recordings and stream live at no additional cost
  • under $60 at Amazon

Petzi Treat Camera – with treat tossing

Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

  • 1-Way Audio – you can speak to your pet but you can’t hear him
  • capture photos and share 
  • for iOS and Android (US Version)
  • good quality pictures; can operate in low light
  • around $85 at Amazon

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Doesn’t toss treats, but has a fun interactive laser toy – “see, talk and play laser tag”

  • laser game can be  set automatically or you can control it
  • 2-Way Audio
  • high-quality video
  • receive motion and sound alerts so you can check on what’s happening at home
  • Free Cloud storage and available permanent recording storage with optional PetCube Care membership
  • for iOS and Android (US Version) and compatible with Alexa
  • around $200 at Amazon

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

You might have seen this one on Ellen; she loves it.

  • #1 seller in pet cameras
  • treat tosser – use Furbo treats or your own
  • Full HD camera and Night vision
  • live-streaming available
  • wide-angle view and 4X zoom
  • 2-way chat and real-time barking alert
  • $200 at Amazon

The ULTIMATE pet cam with VIDEO, treat tossing, aromatherapy and more!

PetChatz HD – 2-way audio AND visual plus treat tosser

This is the premier pet cam of all – it features VIDEO, audio and Dog TV, aromatherapy and lots more! A complete interactive experience with:

  • two-way video chats
  • treat dispensing
  • calming aromatherapy
  • brain (treat) games
  • pet-to-parent messaging (with PawCall available for an extra monthly cost)
  • streaming DOGTV
  • for iOS, Android and desktop
  • $400 at Amazon – but it is often on sale. (Right now, $319)

available at Amazon


The Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera works on your smartphone to toss treats to your dog when you’re out …but that’s just the beginning. With its 2-way audio and full 160° view of your dog’s environment at home, it can literally be a lifesaver! Here’s more on what makes the Furbo Dog Camera a good investment for your Morkie.

Furbo Dog Camera: How it works


Furbo is a smartphone-controlled dog camera that lets you watch your dog, talk to your dog and hear him bark, and even toss him treats, all while you’re away from home.

The Furbo can detect if your dog is barking or jumping on the furniture, and will end you “smart dog alerts.”

Once you get an alert, you can open the app to check in on your dog and see what’s going on.

In some cases, the Furbo has literally saved a dog’s life, by making pet parents aware of a fire in the home, a break-in or a choking pet.

Pretty amazing!

Check it out on Amazon.

Look who’s praying for a Furbo Dog Camera!

Furbo is the #1 selling dog camera on and the #1 item on dog lovers’ wishlists.

Furbo Dog Camera: Features

Fun treat tossing

100 pieces capacity
Round shaped treats with a diameter of 0.4 in/1cm work best
Every Furbo comes with a free sample pack of treats!

1080p Full HD

160° (diagonal) wide-angle lens
4X digital zoom
Infrared LED night vision
photos and video to share with family and friends

2-Way Audio

High quality microphone
Built-in speaker
Customized snack call
adjust Furbo’s barking detection sensitivity, and get barking alerts

Common Q&As about the Furbo Dog Camera

Does Furbo use batteries?

No, it has a USB cable and wall plug, to charge through regular outlets.  It supports both 110v and 220v, so Furbo is compatible with the power outlets in every country around the world.

Can I use my own treats with Furbo?

Yes! As long as the size of those treats is smaller than the treat dispensing opening on Furbo. Round shaped treats with a diameter around 1 cm (0.4 inches) work best.

Can I return or exchange my Furbo after purchase?

If you are not fully satisfied with your Furbo, you will have 30 days (from the day you received it) to return or exchange your Furbo. If you find any defects, please contact immediately.

Does Furbo come with a warranty?

Yes! Furbo comes with a one year warranty starting from the date of shipping.
Your Furbo warranty covers all defects, except the following:

  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, disassembly, unauthorized modification or neglect.
  • Damage caused by liquid contact.
  • Damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in your instruction manual.
  • Damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by our company.

How much internet data does Furbo use?

At 720p HD quality, you will use approximately 29 MB of your internet data to watch your dog for 5 minutes.

At 320p HD, you will use approximately 6.6 MB of your internet data to watch your dog for 5 minutes.

Home Alone

Here’s how happy your Morkie will be!

Similar products 

Like Furbo, each is unique but all have good features for your home-alone Morkie or other pets.

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

With a simple tap, you can SEE, SPEAK, SNAP, or TREAT.

Petzi features built-in HD video; high-quality audio; night vision camera; universal treat launcher and a simple app control.

Dispense your pet’s favorite treat with the Petzi treat launcher for a big smile. Say hello to your pet through the high quality audio.

Petzi is easy to mount. 

Share your best images with other Petzi dog parents, or wherever you like.  More on Amazon.

Petnet SmartFeeder (2nd Generation)

Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder Personalized Portions Cats Dogs

Smartphone controlled way to deliver personalized portions of food to your pet while you are out.
Control your Pet’s Daily Meals from your Phone
Get Notified when your Pet’s been Fed – Receive app alerts for successful feeds, low food warnings and pet food delivery.

Pet-Proof Self Locking Lid; Food container lock, Dishwasher-safe bowl and food level sensors

Works with all the popular systems. Read more on Amazon.

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Remote Dog/Cat Monitoring with HD 1080p Video, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Sound/Motion Alerts. App-Enabled Pet Safety and Home Security

MONITOR 24/7 FROM YOUR PHONE: With Petcube Play Wi-Fi pet cam, check on your pet day or night with clear 1080p HD video, 138° wide angle view, and night vision. Get sound and motion alerts.
CHAT WITH YOUR PET: With two-way audio you can speak to your pets and hear them bark or meow back.
PLAY FROM YOUR PHONE: Play with your fur baby with the built-in pet safe laser. You can control the laser movement within the app or set to auto mode and exercise your pet.  Read more on Amazon.

Free printable gift tags featuring Morkies

Free printable gift tags featuring Morkies

Print your own tags for Christmas gifts and cards from these templates, free from

Print these adorable tags yourself on your home computer. Just click to download.


Click – download – print


Printable Morkie gift tags


free printable gift tags Morkies



Designed for black and white printing

Click – download – print


Two-sided greeting cards for Christmas

Print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ light card stock.

Click, download, print

Inside: and Happy New Year


 Inside: blank (pawprint)


Inside: Merry Christmas


Inside: & Happy New Year






Tech Gifts for Dog Lovers

Tech Gifts for Dog Lovers


Looking for great gifts for dog lovers? Here are some hand-selected ideas for Morkie lovers… in the tech zone. Enjoy!

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

  • Fun TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch.
  • Full HD Camera & Night Vision: livestream video to monitor your pet with a wide-angle view, day and night.
  • 2-Way Chat & BARKING ALERT: Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR is MADE FOR DOGS. It sends push notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking. Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app.
  • Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi.
  • Stable internet connection & Wifi signal are recommended for best performance.

Save $50.00 now!

available at Amazon

RCA Pet Camera Dog & Cat Parents – WiFi Pet Security Camera HD Video, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion & Sound Alerts & Phone App to Monitor & Talk to Your Pets

  • This state of the art pet camera, with WiFi remote pan/tilt/zoom camera allows you to watch over your pet in crystal-clear 24/7 live High-Definition video
  • Remote viewing on your iOS or Android devices using your free RCA WiFi Camera app allows you to see and hear your favorite furry friend from anywhere
  • Stay connected to your pet: high-definition video, pan/tilt/zoom, two-way talk (talk to your pet), infrared night vision (see your pet in the dark), sound, motion and temperature detection with alerts to your smartphone and the ability to add up to 3 additional cameras (sold separately)

Read more


Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy. Remote Dog/Cat Monitoring with HD 1080p Video, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Sound/Motion Alerts. App-Enabled Pet Safety and Home Security

 PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor, Automatic Dog and Cat Door, Large, Collar Activated with SmartKey

buy at amazon

Got a cold room in your home?
Try one of these – a Warmstore Pet Heating Pad.

Pet Training Mat

Shock Mat for Dogs & Cats acts like a barrier to keep them off furniture. Available in different sizes. Read more on Amazon.

One of my friends has this mat for her Morkie and Frenchie, and it is great! Clear plastic, you can hardly notice it…. she runs it across the room opening for her dining room and neither dog ventures in.  It’s completely safe, and operates on a low-voltage battery-operated system.

Use it on the floor, on furniture, a the top of stairs -whatever is off limits for your pets.

There are several sizes to choose from.




The pet training mat can help you train your pet to stay away from some areas, such as sofa, bed, chair, baby activity area, kitchen counter, furniture and other areas that you want to protect.

  • It is a low-voltage mat that can be safely used anywhere in the room. Train your pet safely and effectively away from certain areas. So you are not worried that the shock mat will harm them.
  • The pet training mat provides 3 intensity levels(low, medium, high). It can work with any size of cats or dogs. Slight 3 seconds static pulse stimulation to let your pets understand the mistake.
  • The electronic pet training mat can be placed on your flat floor or sofa easily. It is convenient to place and roll up for storage.
    Made of transparent soft PVC material, it is durable and easy to clean with wet towels.

Wow, over 4,400 positive reviews on!

Best small dog names

Best small dog names

 squishy Image available on Etsy.

Looking for the best small dog names for your new pup? 

Every year about this time, 2.5 million patient records from Banfield Pet Hospital – the largest veterinarian practice around – are anaylzed to come up with this year’s most popular dog names. The results are in.

most popular dog names 2018

1. ​Charlie

2. Coco

3. Daisy

4. Bailey

5. Lola

6. Molly

7. Sadie

8. Toby

9. Sophie

10. Bear

In some surveys, like the Happy Dog International Survey, the name Bella is still in the top 10, after more than a decade. But the Banfield study is by far the biggest and most accurate.

Pick your dog’s name carefully – experts say we’ll use it about 35,000 over the dog’s lifetime!

50 Best SMALL DOG Names

From, this year’s best names for small dogs!




Huckleberry (Huck)

Isabel (Izzy)
Jazz (Jazzy)


Pippin (Pip)

Primrose (Prim)
Rhubarb (Ruby)



Cute GIRL dog names from


Grace / Gracie
Lily / Lillie

Zoe / Zoey

Cute BOY dog names from


Jojo / Joey

Pippin / Pip


Girly-girl names are a big trend right now for females. The name we choose may be cute when our dog is a puppy, but don’t forget, it has to last your dog through the teen years, mature dog and distinguished old lady dog.

For boys, cutie names also have to last. But they seem to start out a little less ‘cutie’

Here are some of the cutest dog names for 2018:


Cutie Girl Names

Delilah (could be shortened to Dee Dee)

Cutest Boy Names


Most popular names by breed

labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever

Maverick, Hershey, Midnight, Gunner, Kali, Allie, Kona, Kiwi, Chocolate, and Blacky

Golden Retriever

Murphy, Rusty, Goldie, Tucker, Sunny, Ellie, Abby, Simba, Bailey, and Cooper

German Shepherd

Baron, Sarge, Blitz, Cheyenne, Kaiser, Klaus, Loba, and Ziva.

French Bulldog

Felix, Rocky, Bentley, Dylan, Cain, Stella (after the dog from Modern Family), Lola, Pearl, Honey, and Pippa.


Baxter, Barney, Bagel, Watson, Hunter, Snoopy, Shiloh, Freckles, Libby, and Copper

Trend Alert!

Royal names are trending this year, along with cannabis names. Here are some examples that showed up in the databases.


Louis and Lupo are dog names to watch … Louis for Prince William and Princess Kate’s latest baby boy; and Lupo, for the name of their English Cocker Spaniel.

Royal Names

  1. George
  2. Charlotte
  3. Harry
  4. Charles
  5. Kate
  6. William
  7. Meg
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Camilla
  10. Diana

Cannabis Names

Mary Jane

 prince harry and dog 500x368

Prince Harry greets a little dog while doing his walkabout.

Craziest, Weirdest Dog Names for 2018

ALL NEW Morkie Mega-Guide

Download this comprehensive manual for Morkie lovers

Mega Guide to Everything Morkie


Read more details about this year’s all-new edition of Mega-Guide to Everything Morkie

Mega-Guide to Everything Morkie

390 pages of valuable information, from getting a Morkie, right through to the senior years

The ultimate guide for Morkie lovers, this downloadable ebook is the only reference book you’ll ever need. Organized in 10 major sections, it features carefully researched knowledge about:

  1. All About Morkies
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  4. Four Building Blocks of Good Health
  5. Keeping Him Healthy
  6. All about Vaccinations
  7. In  Sickness and in Health
  8. Behaviour Problems
  9. Fun & Games
  10. Your Senior Morkie

Plus a full appendix, with printable lists and guides. 

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