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Can dogs eat turkey?


Can dogs eat turkey?

It’s not super good for them, but if you want to give your Morkie a treat, try a little white meat only (no skin, no dark meat, no gravy and of course, no bones).  READ MORE


What if my Morkie ate turkey bones?

First, don’t panic.

Watch your Morkie very closely, and do not get him to throw up. If your dog is breathing fine and seems to be acting normally, mostly likely all the bones passed through to the stomach without incidence. If your dog’s choking, gagging, retching, drinking a lot of water, licking their lips, pacing anxiously or is unable to sit or lie down comfortably, call or visit your vet immediately.  READ MORE

Upset stomachs

Has your Morkie got mild diarrhea or an upset stomach? Read about giving your dog Pepto-Bismol for relief.  MORE

pepto bismol for dogs tip

Naughty or Nice?

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