Coyotes, distant relatives of our pet dogs, have become much more aggressive in recent years and won’t hesitate to attack your dog, even if he’s on a leash or in a fenced yard. Never wonder will coyotes attack dogs becuse the answer is a resounding YES, as recent news reports prove.

Right across the country, there are news stories almost every night about coyote attacks. Rabbits, squirrels, mice, even calves and fawns all fall prey to the coyote and his close relative the wolf.

Small to mid-size dogs are no exception; and there is even the rare attack on people.

It’s heartbreaking to read these stories because, in nearly every case, the dog was in his own yard, or was with his human. But coyotes can be lightning fast, darting in to snatch a dog and then disappear.

Coyotes sightings are not unusual in cities; and these animals can easily jump over backyard fences.

will coyotes attack dogs yes

Spot a coyote

  • coyotes are smaller than their relative, the gray wolf
  • males usually weight around 20 to 40 pounds and females are a little smaller
  • coyotes stand 15″ to 20″ high at the shoulder
  • fur is predominantly light gray and red, or light gray with black and white throughout

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Is it a coyote or a wolf?

Is it a coyote or a wolf?

There are plenty of details on how to tell which is which, here at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A coyote’s face is narrow and pointed, with a small nose pad while the wolf has a broad, blocky head, with a large nose pad.

Wolves are bigger and heavier, running 26 to 32″ high at the shoulder, compared to coyotes at 15 to 20″.
Similarly, coyotes are much lighter; wolves run between 70 to 150 pounds.

Coyotes are gray or reddish brown, grizzled. Wolves are usually grizzled grey but they can be almost all black, cream or white.

How dangerous is the coyote? He’s “more predatory” than the notorious jackal, found in Eurasia.

Make no mistake, the wolf, coyote and fox are all dangerous predators when it comes to dogs.

 Coyotes are abundant throughout North America, and down into Central America. They live on:

“animal meat, including deer, rabbits, hares, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates, though it may also eat fruits and vegetables on occasion” according to Wikipedia

Both coyote and wolf attacks on humans are relatively rare. But these predators will attack a dog and almost any kind of livestock or game. Even a dog in his own fenced backyard isn’t safe from coyote attacks.

 carry a whistle with you to scare off coyotes

Experts say, if you encounter a coyote or a wolf, make lots of noise, stand up tall and raise your arms to look bigger and snarl and growl. Meanwhile, back away slowly.

Tip: Carry a whistle with you to scare off coyotes.

Try a Coyote Vest for Dogs to protect your Morkie

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Most feature stab-resistant Kevlar panels and removable spikes to ward off attacks from coyotes plus other predators like hawks.


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coyote vest for dogs

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