Dogs are just about the most loveable creatures on the planet, but how do we know that my dog loves us as much as we love THEM? Scientists have validated that all the signs are there by studying dogs’ brain waves. How they react to various scents, from strangers to their humans, confirms the fact that we make our pets very happy.

Does my dog love me?

Here are some signs your Morkie loves you:

♥ Loves sleeping in your bedroom, or even on your bed. It’s the pack thing.

♥ When you look at your Morkie, he holds your eye contact. This shows strong affection, say experts.

♥ Your Morkie brings you his favorite toy.

♥ You yawn, he yawns. Copying you yawning is a sign of two souls really in synch.

Your Morkie wants to climb on top of you to rest, or press hard against you for cuddles.

Speaking of sleeping…

Your Morkie insists on sleeping in your room, if not in your bed.


dogs love sleeping with us

Now, that’s love!

A 2008 study conducted by Petplan health insurance for dogs, showed that more than two-thirds of Americans would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pet than with their partner!

who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with

If your Morkie copies you yawning, that’s a sure sign of love.

On the other hand, if a dog starts yawning at the Vet’s office or during training, it can be a sign of stress. In those situations, dogs will often lick their lips, shift their eyes and yawn.

More Signs Your Dog Loves You

♥ Tail wagging is an obvious sign your Morkie is happy

 Brings you his favorite toy

 Is delighted when you get home. Whether you’ve been out for 5 minutes or 5 days, your Morkie welcomes you with gusto! An enthusiastic hello is a sure sign your dog loves you.

 Leaning against you is another sign your dog is totally comfortable and trust you fully. Leaning against you makes your dog feel safe and secure.


your dog's adorable tilted head is a sign he loves you

When your Morkie tilts his head and perks up his ears, he’s trying to hear every little sound you make. It makes it easier for him to really, really listen. So ya, that would be a sign of love.

Wriggly eyebrows

dogs with funny eyebrows

Researchers in Japan have just determined that when hour dog wiggles his eyebrows or lifts them when you talk, that’s a sign of deep affection. In fact, any sign of facial expression in a dog is an advanced form of communication that indicates trust and love.

Photo credit: ilovedogsandpuppies

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