small dog care online tips

Want some dog care information on your Morkie?

Here are some sites focused on small dog breeds. 

adorable black and tan morkie

1.  Animal Planet’s special section on Small Dogs   Videos, quizzes, articles, photos and more. Topics are meaty and include subjects like 10 Nicknames That Won’t Embarrass Your Small Dog and Best Small Dog Travel Gear.

2. Wiki-How – How to care for a small dog.  Three-part practical advice on small dogs, including feeding, medical care and more.

3. – “for the love of dog”  An extensive website that’s focused on quality information; advocating for dogs; promoting adoption; and providing solid advice from experts and experienced pet parents alike, to help us all be better pet-parents. First rate site!

small dog care

4.  WebMD for Pets – the same great WebMD site people rely on, has an animal site where you can find out answers to literally thousands of questions. The Healthy Dogs Guide includes:

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Behavior & Training
  • Puppy Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Common Conditions
  • Expert Q&As

5. – a site dedicated to helping you keep your pets healthy and happy. Articles, blogs and posts are written by  leading veterinarians, professional journalists, and animal health experts. 

Morkie puppy after a bath

6. similarly, has vet-written or vet-approved articles (more than 15,000!) They claim to be the “largest and most complete source of pet information available anywhere,” and they sprinkle that knowledge base liberally with lots of fun and heartwarming dog and cat stories.

7. – another site for, as they say, PetCrazies!  A rich site, with plenty of expert advice and recommendations, news and stories. Good focus on adoption.


adorable morkie puppy